Table of Contents: Silent Mind Technique™: Clinical Manual
By Grant McFetridge Ph.D.
Course #191

Silent Mind Technique Manual Cover

(from the Table of Contents)

Introduction to this Training
            Required Course Steps
Introduction to the Silent Mind Technique™
The Silent Mind Technique™ and Sensate Substitutes
Comparing SMT Therapies
Client Suitability Evaluation Checklist
Client Safety
First Interview Checklist
Addressing Client 'Resistance"
Soul Loss
            Process: Eliminating all soul loss
Pricing for SMT
            Client Relapse and 'Charging for Results'
            ISPS Guarantee Terms and Client Pamphlet
Process: Associational SMT (aSMT)
            Process: Variation on the Associational Silent Mind Technique™
Process: Regression SMT (rSMT)
Process: Developmental Event SMT (dSMT)
            Gaia Commands for Body Heart Coalescence
Process: Happiness State Technique™ (Projection)
Process: Healing the Sound Playback Problem

Appendix 1: Recommended Reading
Appendix 2: Adult Bio-Psycho-Social Assessment
Appendix 3: Consent/Liability Form for Human Experimentation
Appendix 4: Guidelines Brochure for Client
Appendix 5: Data Compilation Form for ISPS
Appendix 6: Client Non-Disclosure Form
Appendix 7: The Silent Mind Technique from Basic PeakStates Training
            A Brief Review of the Theory
            Running the Silent Mind - Process Overview
            A Simple Autonomous Mind Chatter Process
            The More Complete Autonomous Mind Chatter Process
            Healing Sub-vocalization (using EFT)
            Healing Sub-vocalization (Using Regression)
            Healing the Sound Playback Problem
            Other Unusual Problems or Circumstances
Appendix 8: License Agreement for the ISPS Silent Mind Technique (Student Copy)
Appendix 9: Student Liability Forms (Student's Copy)
            Student Disclaimer of Responsibility Agreement
            List Any Potentially Dangerous Health Conditions
Appendix 10: License Agreements for the ISPS SIlent Mind Technique
Appendix 11: Student Liability Forms (To Be Handed In)
            Disclaimer of Responsibility Agreement
            List Any Potentially Dangerous Health Conditions
            Background Questionnaire
Appendix 12: Workshop Evaluation Form

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