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Cover Whol-Hearted Healing Workbook (Russian)

бесплатно PDF (4.3MB)
Исцеление от Всего Сердца™
Рабочая Тетрадь
Паула Курто (Paula Courteau)
(Перевод 2017)

Эта книга в конечном итоге стала первым учебным пособием по Исцелению от Всего Сердца, написанным для широкой аудитории.

За более чем 15 лет Исцеление от Всего Сердца доказало свою ценность как эффективная техника исцеления травм, которая передает весь контроль в руки клиента и кардинально трансформирует проблемы в позитивные чувства. Ключевые идеи разработчика техники, доктора философии Гранта Макфетриджа, весьма успешно воплотились в жизнь.

Cover Subcellular Psychobiololgy (Russian)

бесплатно PDF (12.6MB)
Субклеточная психобиология Диагностический справочник
Субклеточные причины психологических симптомов
Грант Макфетридж, доктор философии (Grant McFetridge Ph.D.)
(Перевод 2017)

Данная новаторская работа показывает, как психологические и физические симптомы появляются на базе повреждений внутри самой клетки. Впервые психологические симптомы, варьирующиеся от травм до серьезных психических заболеваний, могут быть объяснены с точки зрения биологических проблем на субклеточном уровне.

Cover Subcellular Psychobiololgy

Subcellular Psychobiology Diagnosis Handbook
Subcellular Causes of Psychological Symptoms
By Dr. Grant McFetridge (2014)

This groundbreaking work shows how psychological and physical symptoms arise from damage inside the cell itself. For the first time, psychological symptoms that range from trauma to serious mental illness can be understood as perceptions of biological problems at a subcellular level.

This handbook is specifically designed as a desk reference for therapists and psychiatrists diagnosing and treating clients. Containing over 50 diseases and disorders of the cell, each entry gives a brief description of the cause, an illustration of the subcellular biology, differential diagnosis, and the standard psychological-like techniques that treat these biological issues quickly and effectively.

Cover WHH Workbook

The Whole-Hearted Healing™ Workbook
By Paula Courteau (2013)

"So far, Dr. Grant McFetridge's Basic Whole-Hearted Healing Manual, now in its third edition, had been the only reference book on Whole-Hearted Healing, our regression healing method. Grant's book is designed as a workshop manual, mostly with professional therapists in mind. Since I started teaching Whole-Hearted Healing, I've seen a growing need for a do-it-yourself trauma-healing workbook. Our Institute uses WHH mainly as a research tool, but each basic teaching session reminds me of its relevance as an easy-to-learn technique to heal past traumas. So this is a basic manual, designed for lay people with no previous experience.

Cover Volume 1 Polish edition

Szczytowe Stany Świadomości
Tom I: Przełomowe techniki osiągania wyjątkowej jakości życia
przez Dr. Grant McFetridge z Jacquelyn Aldana i Dr. James Hardt (2013 Pollski)

Witamy w nowej, ekscytującej dziedzinie badań nad szczytowymi stanami świadomości!
Dr. Grant McFetridge - Proces Wewnętrznego Spokoju
Jacquelyn Aldana - 15-minutowy Cud
Dr. James Hardt - podejście medytacyjne Biofeedback

WHH Workbook (Danish) cover

Healing med hjertet: En introduktion til Whole-Hearted Healing™
Af Paula Courteau (Dansk 2012)

Healing med hjertet er den første bog om PeakStates og regressionsmetoden Whole-Hearted Healing™, der udkommer på dansk. "Hidtil har Dr. Grant McFetridge grundbog i Whole-Hearted Healing™, nu i sin tredje udgave, været den eneste bog om Whole-Hearted Healing™. Grants engelske bog er udformet som en workshop manual, for det meste med professionelle terapeuter i tankerne.

Unbreak Your Health

How to Unbreak Your Health: Your Map to the World of Complementary and Alternative Therapies, 2nd Edition
by Alan E. Smith (2010)

This book is an over-view of the entire spectrum of healing techniques. Our Whole-Hearted Healing™ is one of the techniques described.

Trying to figure out where you are with your health problems, where you need to go and the best way to get there? You need a map to find your way around the amazing world of complementary or alternative therapies! Which therapies are right for you and your health problems?

Cover Volume 2 of Peak States of Consciousness

Peak States of Consciousness: Theory and Applications, Volume 2: Acquiring Extraordinary Spiritual and Shamanic States
by Dr. Grant McFetridge with Wes Gietz (2008)

Breakthroughs in Understanding the Biology of Consciousness

This textbook covers fundamental discoveries about the biological basis for spiritual and shamanic states, transpersonal experiences, and consciousness itself. Derived from explorations into the very earliest prenatal development, this book describes how consciousness is based on biology inside the cell:

Cover Volume 1 PeakStates

Peak States of Consciousness: Theory and Applications, Volume 1: Breakthrough Techniques for Exceptional Quality of Life
by Dr. Grant McFetridge with Jacquelyn Aldana, Dr. James Hardt, and Zivorad Slavinski (2004)

Welcome to the exciting new field of peak states of consciousness
Dr. Grant McFetridge - The Inner Peace Process
Jacquelyn Aldana - The 15-Minute Miracle
Dr. James Hardt - Biocybernaut Brainwave Training
Zivorad Slavinski - Resolving Dualism with PEAT

Cover WHH Manual

The Basic Whole-Hearted Healing™ Manual, 3rd Edition
by Grant McFetridge Ph.D. and Mary Pellicer, M.D. (2004)

This is our training manual for the 4 day class we teach on basic Whole-Hearted Healing, which is a regression healing process that can be done from normal consciousness without any special work or processing. This book is an updated and expanded version of the material on the website. It is intended for people who are actively healing others and wish to have more information, in one place, about the material on our website.

The 15-Minute Miracle cover

The 15-Minute Miracle Revealed
by Jacquelyn Aldana (1998, 2007)

This very simple process is used in our training classes and occasionally with clients. We highly recommend it as an effective peak state technique. ~ Dr. McFetridge

From the back cover: "The 15-Minute Miracle Revealed by Jacquelyn Aldana is an amazingly easy-to-read book that empowers the reader with a sense of wisdom that is simply profound and profoundly simple. ...

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