Table of Contents - Peak States Therapist's Manual
by Dr. Grant McFetridge
Course #150

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Introduction to this class 5
            Your Instructors: 5
            About this Manual 5
            Required Reading 5

Agreements 5

What to expect after the class 6

The Peak States paradigm 9

Safety, unexpected side effects, and other concerns 11

Potential problems after acquiring extraordinary peak states 11
            Losing a Peak State 12

Peak states and psychologically disturbed clients 12

Severe or life threatening problems triggered by peak state processes 13

Peak States Processes - first client interview 14

Checklist for therapists 16

A peak experience to peak state process 17

Process: The Peak Experience to State Technique™ 18
Introduction 18
Process steps 18

Process: Recovering a lost peak state 22
 Introduction 22
Process steps 22

Guidelines for the therapist and client using Gaia command processes 24

Tricks with using EFT 25

Tricks for using regression in Gaia command processes 25

Using Gaia command to make using Gaia commands easier 26

Increasing a peak state's strength 26

Troubleshooting Gaia command processes 27

After the workshop 29

Preparatory / milder peak states 30

 A brief review of the Silent Mind theory 31
Autonomous Voices: 31
Sub-vocalization Voices: 32

Other problems involving noise in the mind 33
 Sound Playback 33
Tinnitus 34
Hearing the Brains state 34
Hearing diseases in the body 34
Gaia Communication state 34
The Listening to Silence state 35
Tricks and pointers on using the Silent Mind Technique 35

Process: The Silent Mind Technique™ 38
Process Summary 38
Process Steps 39
Healing Subvocalization (using EFT) 47
Healing Subvocalization (Using Regression) 48
Healing the Sound Playback Problem 49

Process: The Inner Peace Process™ 50

Major Peak States 54

State: The Brain Light Process 55
State: Listening to Silence 60
State: Creator Light State Process 60
State: Hearing the Brains Process 61

Processes for peak abilities 65
            Ability: The Life Path Process™ 66
Trick: making the optimum choice without regression 70

State processes for basic, clinic, or research certified therapists 71

Appendix 1: Quiz 73
Appendix 2: Quiz solutions 74
Student agreement reminder 76

Workshop Evaluation 77

Manual revision history 78

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