What our students had to say
Testimonials from the #110 Basic WHH Training participants

Here are comments from our WHH training in Utah in 1999. We’ll add more workshop comments from other trainings as as time permits.

What were some good parts or aspects for you?

  • Wes and Grant and Dee working together.
  • The love and support I felt from the group.
  • I did have some personal insight on how ‘I’ can be in charge of working through difficult issues. Realizing that change is possible and having increased self-confidence.
  • The shamanic meditation, working with letting go and not trying so hard to make something happen.
  • Learning WHH and the aspect of wholeness, looking forward to finding that trauma associated with wholeness.
  • Realizing we are the light (our spirit is the light). Expanding the light. Learning about wholeness and how to bring that state forward, to do healing.
  • WHH. EFT. All of the material was new to me, but was very enjoyable and overwhelming.
  • Seeing a group move aggressively towards curing or attacking mental problems.
    Concepts, practice.
  • Good to make connections with folks, good to see and observe Grant at work. Contact with ideas outside of out own invaluable.
  • Personal growth and expansion of awareness; more vocabulary to work with.
  • The experiential times both as client and counselor. The guided medicine meditation.
  • The location. Good energy. Away from everything. Enthusiasm and caring of the teachers.

    What benefits or impact did the training have for you?

  • Opened my mind to the wondrous and miraculous world I can have if I work at getting there. Being around those that "walk in beauty" was amazing.
  • I feel that it is a piece (possibly huge) to the puzzle that I heed to heal myself, others and possibly to reach enlightenment. It is nice to see people who care about healing and helping others.
  • It empowered me to feel more at cause with my own healing.
  • Profound impact on learning how to love myself.
  • More than I even know right now! I can tell a big difference in my self awareness and in my calm peace and lightness. I know I have a lot of work to go, but I’m so grateful to have the tools to do this!!
  • If nothing else a better understanding of myself and others.
  • Introduce new ideas.
  • New experiences, new information - I got more than I anticipated.
  • Just compliments - Our manuals are great - It was very helpful for me to see HRV (heart rate variability) changes. That was like scientific validation that the treatments were doing something. I am more than happy with what I have learned and see how I will use both WHH and the Schizophrenia Cure.

    Would you recommend this workshop to colleagues?

  • Yes.
  • Yes!
  • A definite yes!!!
  • Yes. Definitely.
  • Some.
  • Yes, very much so! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!
  • Yes.
  • If the pace and intensity were spread over more meetings and more time. (Note: Since then we’ve broken it into two workshops for a total of 9 days, not one for 4 days.)
  • Yes - I have and I will.
  • Yes.

    We also received mail after the workshop. Here is one of them:


    Hello from the foggy coast of Oregon.

    Sorry about not getting to say goodbye to everyone. Our departure time was on us and we were on the road, just like that. On the way home my wife and I were processing the training experience and realized that, among other riches, we had gotten exactly what we had come for--a treatment for silencing the voices inside the heads of schizophrenics. This is a fascinating treatment protocol. (The rest deleted).

    Utah, 1999
    Utah, 1999