Student Support - Updates on Basic Manuals and Techniques
August 12, 2012

Because the both our work and the worldwide field of peak states (with equivalent names like 'quality of life', positive psychology, etc.) is changing so rapidly, we've included this webpage as a way to keep our students up-to-date with some of the latest changes. (This information is also sent out via our private WHH email list, but this allows you to find it assembled in one place.)

Institute updates
Revisions to peak state processes in the basic manual
Revisions to the Basic Peak States Therapist Manual
Updates for non-Institute techniques

Institute updates

May 24, 2012: Removed some of the client usage restrictions on four techniques taught in PeakStates trainings.
The four techniques are 1) The Courteau Projection Technique™, Crosby Vortex Technique™, Body Association Technique™, and the Tribal Block Technique™. For details on this change, including trademark, usage, and safety issues, click here. The Whole-Hearted Healing™ Workbook by Paula Courteau covering three of these techniques will be available via Amazon in 2012.

September 1, 2011: The Basic Peak States Therapist Manual is now divided into separate sections.

The PeakStates Therapist training course has now been broken into separate classes, each with their own sub-manual.

October 20, 2007: Changed the name of the Waisel Ideal-Type Emotions Technique™
In May, we decided that the phrase "Ideal-Type", although based on Platonic ideas, wasn't understood by enough people. So we're changing the technique name to 'Waisel Base Emotions Technique™.

October 8, 2007: Added a document "How to Determine Fees when 'Charging for Results' (Rev. 2.1)"
When switching to a 'Charge for Results' fee structure, many therapists are concerned on how to set their fees. In this pdf, we derive several ways to calculate fees, and discuss the various tradeoffs and parameters involved.

January 20, 2007: Added a page with
case studies on Whole-Hearted Healing™
We've just started to put case studies on this webpage as a resource for our students using Whole-Heareted Healing. They're from the thousands of emails in our archived practitioner support list from the last 8 years. This is a huge job, and will take several more months to complete.

June 15, 2006: Change to the Global Flat Affect Block name
We've changed the name of the problem that occurs when one jumps back and forth in time. The name in the Peak States Therapist's Manual (revision 0.6 or earlier) was 'Global Flat Aspect Block' and 'Global Flat Affect Block' when we noticed the typographical error. The new name, which we hope is clearer, is the 'Flattened Emotions Block'. And we're calling the action that induces it 'time jumping'.

May 2006: Monti Scribner becomes the Student Coordinator
Monti Scribner has taken the task of monitoring and supporting our graduates through their healing and through their training. She maintains records of the student's progress, and is the contact point for student concerns or requests for assistance. Her email is
Monti email, and her home phone number is 843-588-1305 in South Carolina, USA (Eastern Standard Time).

May 2006: TeleClass support for graduates
We've instituted telephone support for graduates of our Basic PeakStates professional training. This gives graduates the opportunity to keep up to date with the latest improvements in our Basic training. This usually involves acquiring new peak states that we recommend for therapists to make their personal healing and client interactions better, and acquiring prerequisite states for Level 2 training. To enroll, contact Support email, or phone the Student Coordinator at 843-588-1305.

Revisions to peak state processes in the Basic manual
Revisions to the processes are available only to certified therapists. Go to the 'Updates for Certified Therapists' webpage for updates.

Brain Light Process™
Revision 3.2 (Manual 0.92, March 2008): Changed the process to eliminate a side effect with the previous version.

Revision 3.1 (Manual 0.91, March 5, 2008): Included a post-process treatment of tribal block effects from the process. (Warning: Do not use this revision, as it causes side effects in some people).

Revision 3.0 (Manual 0.9, January 2008): Changed the process to include both egg and sperm side to increase the effectiveness of the process, and changed the developmental event addressed. (Warning: Do not use this revision, as it causes problems in some people.)

Courteau Projection Technique™
Revision 1.0 (Manual 0.85, October 2007): Added the technique to the manual.

Hearing the Brains Process™
Revision 1.3 (Manual 0.9, January 2008): Change the name from 'Brain Communicating State Process'. Put the translated Gaia commands into an appendix.

Revision 1.2 (Manual 0.85, October 2007): Slight editing changes from the previous version.

Inner Peace Process™
Revision 4.0 (Manual 0.92, April 2008): Revised Gaia commands make this process much more effective.
Revision 3.1 (Manual 0.83, February 2007): Slight change in the summary section from previous revision 3.0 - no content change.

Laks Peak Experience to State Technique™
Revision 2.0 (Manual 0.81, January 2007): Renamed the 'Stabalizing Peak States and Recovering Peak States' to honor Tal Lak's contribution.

Life Path Process™
Revision 1.4 (January 2008): Changed the name of the process slightly from "Seeing the Life Path".

Rapid Whole-Hearted Healing™
Revision 1.5 (July 2007, Manual ):

Silent Mind Technique™
Revision 1.54 (February 2007):

Tribal Block Technique™
Revision 1.6 (January 2008):

Triune Brain Therapy™
Revision 1.1 (June 2007): No change to the process, but simply put the therapy name in the section's heading.

Triune Brain Therapy™, Permanent Peak States
Revision 1.2 (May 2006):

Triune Brain Therapy™, Temporary Peak States
Revision 1.1 (May 2006):

Waisel Base Emotions Technique™
Revision 1.2 (June 2007): Changed the name of the technique from the Waisel Ideal-Type Emotions Technique™. Rewrote sections to emphasize the uses for the technique that don't involve the good or evil sensation problem. Included a step by step guideline.

Revisions to the Basic Peak State Therapist Manual
Current Basic manual is now in several separate courses, with the first revision 1.0 written in September, 2011. Major revisions to the course material are currently ongoing. We now only update students who have become certified PeakStates therapists; see the 'Updates for Certified Therapists' webpage for the latest material.

Revision 0.95 (August, 2008):
Added a summary of Distant Personality Release (DPR) process to the manual.

Revision 0.94 (June 2008):
Added to the 'Process: Finding and Moving the Center of Awareness', a section on "A Problem Feeling Physical Symptoms". Made minor changes to the WHH Step by Step Guide, to revision 4.4, and edited the Special Situations table.

Revision 0.93 (May 2008):
Deleted the Nadeau/Johansen technique from the manual, because it causes bypassing of trauma. Edited the Inner Peace Process revision 4.1. Revised 'Appendix 1: A Partial List of Safety Hazards'.

Revision 0.92 (April, 2008):
Changed the commands in the Inner Peace process to make it more effective. Changed a command in the Brain Light process to eliminate a rare side effect of a physical sensation that remained after the process was finished. Deleted the Flattened Emotions process from this manual and moved it to the Certified Therapists Manual.

Revision 0.91 (March 2008):
More revisions to the WHH special cases tables. Included a paragraph to emphasize the CPL concept. Edited the Tribal Block Technique revision 1.6 steps for clarity. Revised the Brain Light Process to revision 3.1. Put in more translations of Gaia commands in the new appendix for this purpose.

Rev 0.9 (Jan 2008):
Eliminated many typographic errors. Added trademark symbols to the peak state processes. Revised the Brain Light process to revision 3.0. Changed the 'Brain Communication' state name to 'Hearing the Brains'. Added some entries into the Glossary. Placed the translated Gaia commands into a separate appendix. Included steps for rWHH in this manual. Updated the Basic WHH steps and included a chart for special situations. Added table of special situations for WHH. Added a section on troubleshooting WHH sessions. Added a section on troubleshooting Gaia command processes. Revised the Tribal Block process. Deleted the appendixes with the tabulated Gaia commands for coalescence events, and moved them to the certified therapist manual. Deleted the 'Process: Being Present State (rev 2.0)' because it wasn't effective enough.

Revision 0.85 (October 2007):
Added printed signature lines to the signed agreements. Added the Courteau Projection Technique to the manual.

Revision 0.8 (January 2007):
Removed many experimental peak states processes from the manual due to safety and quality concerns. This also allowed us to concentrate on improving and focusing on key states for therapists. These experimental processes will be shifted to the licensed therapist manual when they're more fully tested and refined.

General updates on the overall field of peak states, outside of the Institute

None at this time.

Revision History
1.1 Aug 12, 2012: Changed the usage restrictions to uncertified therapists for four techniques.
1.0 June 17, 2008: Added a step-by-step process for certification