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Working on your own

Hello there !

I just received and read the WHH Workbook by Paula Courteau. I recommend it to everyone, as it is such a simple and clear explanation of the techniques and its subtelties ! It made things clearer for me :)

However, I still have a lot of difficulty to work alone on myself. When trying to access traumas to heal, it seems I just never get there, and stall. I do not mean the healing stalls, I mean I don't seem to access negative emotion at all.

This is frustrating, because I have the feeling of depending on a therapist. Working with a therapist is fine, but I'd like to work myself between the sessions, to fasten and enhance the work.

The problem is :
  • It is hard to access a negative emotion most of the time
  • Working alone, I got no imagery at all
  • Working alone, I seem unable to regress
  • When feeling something negative, it is generally so mild and light that I am not sure I am really targetting stuff
  • I get easily distracted / discouraged

It worked on this using WHH as well as regular EFT, and the psychological inversion correction, but it doesn't lead me anywhere.

To give more insights, I acquired thoses peak states and strucural repairs with my therapist :

- Time loops correction

- Column of Self correction

- Tribal Block / Silent Mind

- Brain Merge / Inner Peace

- Seeing the Life Path ability

And I am currently working on the Being on Track / Euphoria state, using the Life path clearing.

So, do you have any insight, tricks or ideas on what I could do to work alone and heal traumas more consistently ?

Thanks !


  • Hi Gaëtan! For me its hard to get an idea of whats going on for you through the descriptions you gave. Would you like to have a chat on it via skype? Maybe I have an idea when I get some more details through your answers to my questions.. just add me.. anarchist912
    Looking forward..
  • HI Gaetan,
    Have you worked on this issue with your therapist? That would be the place to do it. There are peakstates where it is hard to sense emotions. Check out the criteria list for the Beautyway state. The other possibility is that you have copies and when trying to work you are slipping into the copies and cannot feel yourself. 
    Blessings Nemi

  • Hi, I also have a similar problem so i know how that feels.

    A couple of things i have found useful is sometimes not to try so hard. Often when trying to heal something i am trying to evoke something in me and the trying gets in the way. Sometimes i find it useful to work with whatever i have.

    Sometimes myself personally have got caught up in the protocol, or being obsessed with trying to find a moment or see something.

    Another tip is to use whatever you have in the moment, a tip i took from gay hendricks work is the magnification principle. Whatever one is feeling consciously or in ones mind make it bigger, try to magnify it. It might be a feeling, or it might be a body sensation. Usually after some time a body sensation will come up. If i cannot "find" the moment or whatever i just settle for fully accepting everything i'e the emotion, the thoughts, and the body sensations.

    Thanks so much for sharing, it's quite nice to talk to someone else who has done work with the institute. I myself have done work too , i'm not a professional.

    Curious as to what the time loops correction was/how you experienced it?

  • HI again, I remembered another thing...Gaia... Its easy to get caught up in 'doing' the healing instead of surrendering to Gaia to do it for you.
  • Thank all of you for your kind answers :)

    They all add a piece to the puzzle.

    Nemi : My therapist was training this summer, but I am going to talk to her about it soon.

    Rob : The Time Loops repair was done from distance, so I didn't participate in its healing. Same for the Column of Self. The changes are so subtle, and you rapidly get used to them, that it is hard to notice any difference. Hopefully I wasn't so dysfunctionnal at first !

    Both of you give a wise word I think with not trying too hard and letting Gaïa do the healing. This is one of the hard things with WHH, as you never know how much time this is going to take to heal something. So patience and perseverance I guess :)

    However, I had a very reassuring experience when I heal a big reaction some days ago.
    I was lying on my bed, ready to fall asleep, but I managed to stay in this altered state of consciousness there is just before sleep (almost like hypnosis) when resistances fall apart.

    I successfully regress to 6-years-old memory, then just-after-birth memory, and then pre-birth (placental separation, before its death), and then even further at a time just before conception.
    I was feeling like the sperm, surrounded by fellow sperms being destroyed as we were trying to reach the egg. It first appeared as a big white temple, before the image change to the egg.

    So this is my official first time regression on my own :)

    However, I am not sure yet if I can do this in normal state of consciousness.

    @ Sven : thanks for the invitation to chat on skype. I'll be glad to do so ! Where are you in the world (I'm in France).
  • edited September 2013
    Maybe what irritates you is not so much, that you cannot regress at all but more that the things you perceive while you are regressing are not what you expect them to be. But thats plain guessing.
    So lets have a chat. Just add me on skype, my name there is anarchist912. Ah, and im in Germany. :)
  • ha, i heard that the Creator light state can help you regress to any moment at will, will you consider having that state on?  >:D<
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