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How to heal triune brain’s pretend self-identities ?

Questions with Grant, February 2014 :

3) How to heal triune brain’s pretend self-identities ?


  • As a first step towards healing the brains' pretend-identities you would want to work on the brains' fusion. This is achieved best with Paula Courteau's projection technique.
    The institute has an advanced process that improves brain fusion, but usually to achieve hollow state you would still need to do additional work, i.e. more projection exercises necessary.
  • Also, to heal pretend self-identities in the brain, one has to connect to the core pain that causes the brain to use this pretend identity. Read Vol2 for in depth explanations.

  • healing the identities of the brain are for the hollow state? 
    I thought it is for the Sacred Being state?
  • I think what Ingka was saying is that having brain fusion (Hollow state) facilitate the work on healing pretend identities, wich is key to the Sacred Being state.
    Also, I'm afraid there is a confusion about the word fusion, as we normally understand it by fusion of the normal brain, while advanced people can sometime think about fusion of the sacred beings.
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