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3rd Eye coalescence

Questions with Grant, February 2014 :

5) In precellular organelles coalescence, the 3rd eye brain coalesce with the body brain. But in consciousness, the 3rd eye is located near the mind brain and is likely to merge with it before any other brain. Why is it so ?


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    Actually the 3rdEye brain is supposed to be merging with the body brain, same as its paired organelle, the perineum, on the female side. Most people have a fungal problem inhibiting the merging of these paired brains after birth which seems to be the cause for the 3rd eye being more inclined to merge with the upper brains.
  • Interesting, thanks Ingka.
  • what is the different will be if the 3rd eye can merge with the body brain instead of mind brain??
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        Ingka said it well, but for fun I'll just repeat the concept in slightly different words. The 3rd eye can't physically merge with the mind brain - it is only designed to physically merge with the perineum (and then both with the body). In most people, it just hangs out up in the head instead of being fused together with the perineum (and down at the bottom of the body) like it should be. 
        There isn't any biological choice on which brains fuses with another. They are simply re-living how the pre-cellular (brain) organelles come together during the coalescence event at the creation of the primordial germ cell. In the sperm coalescence, the body and the 3rd eye come together before joining with the others. In the egg coalescence, the body and the perineum come together in the same way at the same stage. 
         You can read about this coalescence biology in Volume 1 of Peak States of Consciousness. Volume 2 has a shorter summary of the same coalescence event.
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