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About the questions category

This is a place to ask questions or post comments that don't fit in the other categories.


  • Just a comment: I really like this new forum site! I can't wait to discuss tools, technques and experiences. Thanks for making this happen!
  • Really happy that there is now a forum section here on the website. I really feel this is a positive step forward. Hopefully it will facilitate a greater understanding of peak-states and the potential of this work for researchers and lay people such as myself. Good move!
  • Hello there!

    I saw somewhere on the website that there is a WholeHeartedHealing workbook.

    What difference is there between the WHH manual and the workbook?

    Do you know when this book will be available?

    Thank you in advance.

  • Hi robert, grant would be the one to ask. We have been using it in trainings, but am not sure if he has set it up officially yet
  • Hi Robert,

    there is the Basic Whole Hearted Healing Manual by Grant McFetridge, first published in 2004, available through Amazon. A lot of research has been done since then, so there are a few places where is needs updating by now. Then there is Paula Courteaus Whole Hearted Healing Workbook, soon to be published, but at present just a draft version. Paula is using some material from the Basic WHH manual, but has added some of her personal experience and tricks from her own work with clients, along with her personal "flavour". You might enquire with Grant what is the present policy of distributing Paula's draft or if you need to wait for Paula to publish it.

    All the best,
  • Thanks noemi and ingka.

    Im still excited by this work and implications despite my personal struggles, with it and a relish any opportunity to learn more about it.

    I hope this forum becomes a means of communicating with like indeed people.

    Information is best shared.


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