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What is Karma? Does Good Karma change our Future (Life Path)


In Chinese culture and Buddhism, it is said a Life course is determined by our Karma. 
So, what actually is Karma? Does it has biological base?

And in the institute, we have the Life Path Ability to check our future path.
So, have anyone test it by not doing any healing on trauma, is there any different will be made on future by doing karma action? 

In my own experience, i suspect there is a change but I am not 100% sure.
So if there any one who have the more confidence in his life path ability can test it out ?


  • Hello Kryon,
    No idea on your questions.

    However, do you know past lives regression ? It is also based on the idea of Karma. Which is, if you clean your past lives, you are also cleaning your karma, which means a better life for you.

    I have done some of theses, and they can have a great impact. However, the point of view of the Institue, I think, is to consider them past lives trauma are gateways into "this life"-trauma.

    So, from this, don't know if it has an impact on the Life path.
  • hi Klein, 

    yes, but it seem there is not much research on the biological components of the karma, while it seem the institute know what is the biological components for past life gateway event. 

    Have you acquire your life path ability? if so, might be you can check is healing your past life change the event of your life path without doing other thing? 


  • Hey, call me Gaetan, that's my first name ;)

    Yeah I have Seeing the Life path ability, but I struggled to get the Being On Track / Euphoria state. I have a big issue going on with my solar plexus, so I am a bit off of it right now.

    I don't know if past lives healing would have an impact. It seem a bit complicated in fact, compared to normal WHH healing of the life path.
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            I hope you don't mind if I jump in with some observations.  :)
            First, I don't know if karma exists or not; I have't seen any evidence of it, but then I haven't been looking for it either. However, we have seen that people's future is fixed by trauma (that indirectly occur because of histone damage on genes). Hence, the experience of 'free will' is relatively illusionary for almost everyone. There is a very good example of a woman who perceived this 'fixed-ness' of ones future on page 370 of Volume 2 of Peak States of Consciousness; this was by a woman who had never heard about the concept she experienced at conception. I can say that her observation is actually correct, both based on my own experience and based on an understanding of the biology. Interestingly, people don't realize they are 'actors in a play' - it does feel like our choices matter. Yet both at a philosophical and biological  level, the most common way to change our future is to heal our past... So in summary,  given this fixedness of our time lines, the concept of karma seems rather irrelevant. 
            A second point: as Kyron noted, we have tracked down the biological source of past lives. We can eliminate past life traumas globally in a person by healing a causal structure in the primary cell. Interestingly, it looks like an even more fundamental healing is possible, eliminating all past life access, be it good or bad. With this later discovery, I suspect that we tap into other lives not because they are our own lives, but rather because we have some kind of essential similarity to the person in the past, which makes the connection form. What this similarity mechanism might be, if it really exists, I don't know.
            I do recall my own zen teacher Robert Aitken Roshi being asked about karma. He said that the word 'karma' could better be translated as 'affinity'. And there are many well known Buddhist teaching stories about how a terrible person can be liberated from his past actions in a moment by having an enlightenment breakthrough.
    Finally, from my professional viewpoint, the fundamental problems that our species have are so deep rooted and serious that these sorts of concepts, like karma, are pretty academic (albeit interesting); a bit like talking about a single wave in a typhoon... (Of course, for a person in a life raft on that single wave, that small bit of the storm does matter a lot...)
    All my best,
    [Addendum March 19, 2014: Dr. Stanislav Grof has a good discussion of past lives and its relationship to karmic patterns in his book The Adventure of Self-Discovery (1988) pgs. 84-93.]
  • Hi Grant, 

    Thank you for the information and also the book reference, i will take a look on it when i get the book. 

    So, one question: 

    If a person life is caused by trauma and we can see the event by walking on our life path. I remember in one of the case Nemi share with us in the training is, a women see herself being hit by a truck in her life path, but after healing the trauma, the real accident did't happen, but the women still meet the car. 

    So in this case, the women's healing also change the Path of the truck driver too! The driver change from a killer in accident to a ordinary driving day. So it seem there is "something" link us together? 
    In the old chinese saying: we are linked by karma. But in the case of the women, what is the thing that link the women and diver together?

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    I've often wondered about this myself about what happens to others when the client heals a trauma and their future changes; but haven't yet taken the time to figure it out. Healing the past to change future events works, thank goodness. Someday we'll take a look because it is a darn interesting question. 

    Actually, this situation also applies to ordinary healing. For example, when you regress to a trauma and heal it fully, we usually just quit when we feel calm. But in many traumas, the healing actually changes the actual past event - other people and ourselves in the drama act differently than they did originally.
  • Very interesting.

    In the case when we healed a past events to see it change, like you say : can you ask the other persons who participed, to see if their memory has changed ?
  • Answering questions like this is why God invented graduate students... Let us know what you find out.  :)
  • hi, 

    That is what i found and post in other post of this forum, here is the original post there


    I have this interesting thought and experience on healing our own trauma that might affect others' too.

    I ask a friend to test it out with me. First, we find a shared memory that we both didnt feel CPL in the situation - that mean in some way we have our trauma activated. 

    then I heal the trauma such that when I recall the memory of specific shared memory, it is CPL.
    And my friend did't do any healing on it. 
    After i reach CPL, i ask my friend how he feel on the same memory, interestingly, he feel differently -- he have a different feeling in the memory. and in one of the other test, he feel CPL without doing any healing on his part. 
    We tried it on different shared memory and take turn to do the healing while the others do nothing.
    We have consistent result that show us it might be possible when one person memory / trauma changed, the other person who involved might change too. 

    So does anyone have similar experience? or the instituite have done some research on this?"

    From my little experiment, it seem it is working in this way, so i am interest to see how others find out in this , Gaetan, might be u can give it a try and let us know how u find out ?

  • Hi,

    I suspect Karma has a number of elements. First, there is the precognitive element where people get a clear sense that something is going to happen, and it does. In other words, in a very limited way people sometimes get glimpses of the future. Ancient societies used to carry out divinatory activities to get a sense of the future. If you think back on your day, often the morning was like the afternoon. The Romans used to cancel events if three unfortunate things happened before it was due to start. People sometimes have dreams about the future (I know this for a fact.)

    Another element of karma, I suspect, is that of past lives. The people that are important in our lives have often shared past lives with us. They may be different people, but in a fundamental way they are the people we had past lives with.

    I also suspect certain events in life are planned before we incarnate. The reasons vary. Sometimes there are past life issues to resolve. At other times, the reason is less clear, but it is hard to escape the conclusion that some things are more than coincidence. Like someone going on a holiday halfway around the world and by chance meeting someone they went to high school with.

    An interesting thing that happens to people, and that I have experienced, is synchronicity. Something happens in the world that that connects meaningfully with what you are subjectively experiencing at the time. What is really striking about these events is the timing involved. It is really uncanny when it happens. This could be included under the heading karma if only for the uncanny timing of the event.  

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