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About this category of specific diseases or problems

This category covers questions and answers about specific diseases or problems. We hope this will become a database for these issues.


  • Hi Jeff,

    I would recommend to work together with one of our certified therapists. (they are listed on this site). Some of them do online consultation, so even if you are living in a place that is far from theirs, a skype connection will suffice. They can also teach you the Courteau technique so you can eventually work on yourself, if you like. 
    Also Paula has written a book, but not published it yet. Not sure if it will be available to public soon outside our trainings, though.

    Hope this helps,
    all the best,

    (advanced peakstates practitioner, ISPS clinic Germany-Austria)
  • Hello jeff, I can sympathise with your symptoms. I have been experiencing similar symptoms for some time now. I thought I was suffering from Alzheimer's or brain damage from alcohol or something until one day I put myself into some kind of peak state where all of my symptoms disappeared. Literally it was like all my systems had been switched on, literally nit and day and my memory was almost photographic. Unfortunately the state did not last long, but I have been trying to recover it. But something inside me does not want to heal this and this has made progress difficult, but I still have not given up hope.

    Wish you well with your problem, let us know how it goes.

    Coincidentally I have found the worse thing about having symptoms like this is other people indifference towards it. Clearly I know there is something wrong but the symptoms are hard for people to see, and also I know what life was like before the symptoms appeared.
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