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Daily medicine

If we absolutely cannot heal, lack the time, or discipline, what are the non healing things we can do for ourselves to make the largest difference to our wellbeing? Im thinking of things like gratitude for example.


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  • The 15 Minutes Miracle is really great to put you in a state of gratitude and the state increase each day even more if you keep doing it each day.
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    I used to use this method. But fell out of practise. Im waiting for a friend to send me a copy as i have lost mine.


  • Focusing on the positive side of things is something we can always do at any time, wether you are sitting in silence, taking a shower, driving or having a fight with the neighbour. Feeling gratitude, appreciation for things, as they are.

    Also, focusing on staying "expanded" when a traumatic situation happens. Instead of shrinking into defensive mode, you can stay open and loving. Love is great, always good.

    Listening to good positive music.

    Then there is a whole field of positive psychology.
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