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Shape of projection balls

Hey Guys!
I realized that most of the time when I do the projection technique (and Ive been doing it several times a week for quite a long time) - starting out with a ball - the shape I immediately will perceive haptically, kinesthetically and visually when starting to merge is more of a disk like shape, really flat - not a nice round ball at all. Why could that be? Any ideas? I just became curious about it.. :(|)


  • Hi Sven, 
    you can make that ball any shape and seize. I use a ver soft jelly mass. when I merge it into me it is soft enough to take on the shape of my whole body. 
  • AAaah, okay! So I had a misunderstanding here I think. I thought you take a round, formable mass in the beginning just because then your perception will change to the according shape of the event that is being regressed to. So I had expected that it wont take on the same shape (almost) every time I do the merging. So the appearance of the disc might just be habit. Maybe I should add that I can fully heal the event without going into that shape, just from looking from the outside. And most of the time I do not merge, except it just happens. Thats why Im asking myself about the shape at all I think. And I remember Ingka saying, correct me if Im wrong, that the shape of the object to merge with when doing projections can give a hint on which brain it is. In the case we had back then it was a ring like shape and Ingka said, this could be a hint that it is the crown brain. Hmm
  • Hi Sven,

    Im returning to using these techniques after a long time away from them, i was just about to ask a question about some of the techniques, especially the projection exercise.

    I was wondering what your personal experience of them are? I was wondering how long it takes to clear a particular person. Also, secondly, im assuming that once the projection technique is done, do we have the problem in our selves that we did not want to experience. Is there a second healing of the issue necessary?

    Thanks in advance

  • edited March 2014
    Hi Rob!
    Im sorry - I cant give you a general estimation on how long
    it takes to clear "a particular person." After all, as I see it, you
    don't really clear the person, but you clear your projections by healing
    the underlying brain conflict due to prebirth trauma. these projections
    are not attached to one or another person. In my experience there is
    typical ways of behaviour in other people that trigger you currently
    favourite projections very easily. But on a bad day I can even project
    on a innocent butterfly fluttering along. ;)

    So when you take
    what you think you perceive in someone else into yourself again by using
    the projection technique you make yourself experience both your reaction to what
    you perceive on the outside, and your perception itself, as
    something which is part of you. As I understand it that makes you
    automatically regress back to the moment where your two brains
    corresponding p-organelles - the one you are identifying with and the
    one you project onto someone else - together experienced trauma. So it
    heals both sides, I think. At least you feel both sides, dont you? I
    could be wrong here.
  • Thanks for taking the time to reply!

    I will be giving this technique a try again this weekend.

    Part of my problem is remaining motivated to use the techniques!

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