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Peak States Book vol. 3

Hello !

I have read all three books of Peak States since two years ago. 
Have been waiting for the Vol3 come out. Just really looking forward for it and want to know is there any expected date of publication?


  • Hi !
    I think that Vol 3 is still being written as we talk :)
    I'm not sure when it will be out. Hopefully this year !
    I suppose Grant is also working on "Silencing the Voices" book on internal dialogue and schizophrenia. So it is taking a long time I guess.
  • I'm happy that you are interested in our work! 

    Unfortunately, there is no estimated date for releasing volume 3, as some of the material I want in the book is still being developed. But believe me, it will be worth the wait  :)

    And yes, I'm now writing the shorter books on schizophrenia (Silencing the Voices), WHH for addictions, and WHH diagnosis. The book by Paula Coureau on WHH is ready for printing, but we are waiting for the cover work to be finished.

    Last September, we introduced a new webpage with books by peak states therapists as well as ourselves; it is at

    All my best,
    Dr. Grant McFetridge
  • Thank you for the Reply.
    Have studied all the three books twice and I have did my own little experiment / research into that. Most of the them having a great result. 
    Really look forward to learn more from your work. 

    I feel your work is very important to humankind. Wish more and more breakthroughs are on the way! 
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