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Suspension of addiction for pregnancy


I have a question, as a therapist, that might interest everyone.

I see many women suffering of addictions having good success at suspending their addiction when they get pregnant. Usually the addiction stay "turned off" for days to months after delivery, but eventually come back.

Is there a logical explanation to this from a triune brain perspective ?
Many addictions seems driven by body brain associations or cording. What happens at pregnancy that can overcome these ?



  • I have met some pregnancy women who have no addictions, but when they got the pregnancy, they automatically change their habbit, like reduce their intake of meat or have a stronger desire for healthier food, one common one is naturally more resistance to second hand smoke. 

    I think it is basically their body brain turn on certain mechanism to protect the baby, that can overwrite some of their addictive behavior?
  • That's true, a lot of things change during pregnancy. I saw suspension of addictions like cigarettes, marijuana, alcohol and even coke. And as you say, lots of other stuff change.

    So, if this is a body brain action, how does he do it, and why doesn't he do it outside of pregnancy ?
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    I'd like to add that this is easy to see with cigarettes : many people just stop smoking when they hit some point in their life. For instance, realizing how smoking can actually hurt them. But in a very bodily way :

    I have a neighbour who was considering having a session with me, in order to stop smoking. She had been smoking for more than 30 years. She had a very bad leg condition, where her arteries became blocked. So they had to do surgery to remove the artery, and create derivations for the blood. This is extremely painful.
    But she was still smoking !
    We didn't do any session, but I just talked to her. She stopped smoking, one day, and never thought about cigarettes again. She is now 100% nons-smoker, 7 months after.

    When I asked, she told me that, among all I said, what most stroke here what "If that happens to you leg, imagine what it could do to other parts of yourbody, imagine the state your lungs are in".
    That made her stop immediatly.

    So, I wonder if smoking is really a body brain associations problems ? Because it rather seems that the body brain can very easily change his mind. It seems to happen when he realize the danger of smoking, in a body brain way (not in the future, but right here and now).

    So can the body brain reverse it's dysfunctionnals associations when facing real danger ? Or, in the case of smoking, is it actually a problem unrelated to the body brain ?

    I suppose the other brains can have a more important role here : the mind brain will maintain the habit to create a continuity of identity ("I have been smoking so long, so I must be addicted, so I continue" which is all limiting beliefs), and the heart brain ("cigarettes are a friend to me " or "smoking fills a lack in me").
  • Interesting information and thoughts. 

    Body Brains work in way of associations. I think the body brains also have a priority of importance to its agenda too. Reproduction seem to be be very important for body brains (as well as the sexual brain), so it make sense if it can by pass other less important association. 

    The extraordinary strength that a mother can have when they need to save their child in emergency situation seem is another example of it. 

    I have work with many clients, when they get heal from certain emotional problem. they still "think" they still got the problem, but with further enquiry, they dont "feel" the emotions.   in this case, usually it is their mind brains hold the identity, tapping on the mind brains seem resolve the issue. 

    Btw, when you say you "just talk" to the women about how it might hurt her body, it might not just a "talk". might be your talk, lead her to go into certain states, such that at that time a spontaneous healing happens. 

    I have see some healing which the healer help the client to be aware of the issue -- which allow spontaneous healing happen. 
    And as i remember from my trainaing, all healing is actually come from gaia, while the method is only create a safe space for the client to allow the healing happen. So, it is fun to see how different healing method are created. 

    currently, I also exploring  how holding appreciation can bring us to a healing state. it seem by delibrately going into an appreciation mode, people can be heal faster, sometimes even automatically. 
  • Hello Kryon,

    Yes, what do you mean by "appreciation" ? Do you mean something like gratitude ? I'd like to know more about how you do things. :)
    Did you see what I posted about Leonard Loskaw ?

    I think you are right concerning the brains.

    And, yes, I trained in ericksonnian hypnosis, so, talking is never "just" talking ;)
  • Hi Gaetan, 

    yes, i mean gratitude, i have this funny experience, when i found a trauma, i hold the gratitude in certain way that it bring me to certain state, and the trauma dissolve, and it didn't come back. it seem perfectly work on simple trauma string. :)

  • I am one of those people who was able to stop smoking cigarettes when I got pregnant for the first time. I started again later cause everyone around me was smoking and teasing me.
    Second pregnancy did not have the same effect. 
    later I found a way to stop also by first making myself aware how bad the smoking was for my body until I really felt it. Then assuring myself that there would be a day when I could stop just like that. Then when I stopped and I was confronted with the urges for a cigarette I discovered that each cigarette was a different addiction and that I could not give up 'smoking', but I had to give up cigarette by finding what I was avoiding to feel by smoking it.... and each time it was something else!. As I healed these urges the distances between urges became longer and longer until they were gone. One came back after 2 years and one even after 5 years. I still smoked in my dreams for some time.
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