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Shamanic training with Alexandre Nadeau

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Hello eveybody !

I hope you are going fine.

I wanted to give you a feedback on a 2-day workshop training with Alexandre
Nadeau I attended 2 weeks ago. I had to fly to Québec to participate, and
wasn't disappointed.

So, this training was about a synthesis of what Alexandre has learned with
several shamans, as well as his knowledge on peak states and abilities. He
wanted the students to be able to learn shamanic abilities fastly.

So we started with a induction of a state that he calls "awakened shamanic
trance". That state is a reproduction of extatic shamanic trances used by
shamans during their rituals (except we didn't have any ritual). That state is
useful to get an ability to do "invisible communication".

It seems that induction get people in the World Inside Body state (or possibly
a composite state including WIS). In fact we were able to say what movement a
partner was doing in front of us with our eyes closes, by feeling the movement
in our body. About 90% of attendees were successful at that stage.

Then, we trained ourselves into doing "invisible communication" by
sending information (bodily sensation) to one another without speaking, and
without basing it on body langage either. We did'nt have 100% accuracy, but we
were able to talk about the information received in most cases with surprising
closeness ! It was like telepathy, using sensations more than thoughts.

This state and ability are indeed very useful for teaching, communicating,
learning, etc...

Then, the next step was to use the "awakened shamanic trance" to
merge with Gaïa and the Creator. To my surprise, about 90% of attendees were
able to merge with Gaïa and/or Creator !! They reported feelings of bliss,
euphoria, gratitude, loving, acceptance, joy, feeling alive, feeling like
"coming home" and sometimes people were really in awe.

Why did it work ? I am guessing 2 things :

 - Alexandre himself have those states (Gaïa Communication and Creator
Light/Awareness). He was inducing his states into the whole room, several times
during the training.

 - Most people have a slight connection to those states, and that got

 - The World Inside Body state allow one to "learn" the state
from someone else by feeling it in his body

Anyway, that didn't work for me at all, and I got very frustrated !

Alexandre told me to work with two of his assistant who does have peak states,
and we were able to make me merge with Gaïa.

The keys was to let go of any need to control or understand (mind and solar
plexus brains resistance probably). One of the assistant used her
"invisible communication" ability to send me something nive in the
solar plexus, which give me a strong euphoria and unblocked the situation.

And despite my beliefs that I couldn't merge with Gaïa (because I hadn't healed
developmental traumas, haha !), it worked. I felt more connected to life.

Of course, it is probably a very limited Gaïa connection, and not a full state.
But it allowed me to do shamanic interventions (see below).

About the Creator induction, I'm not sure it did any difference to me. I am
already in a partial Creator Light state anyway.

Once we had all 3 states activated, we learned to do "shamanic

What is it ? Well it is a kind of healing, execpt you don't do any technique at
all. You just ask Gaïa/Creator "what should I do to help this person
?" and do whatever you feel like doing. For most people, it was putting
hands on one's shoulder, moving in strange ways, blowing, or doing stuff we see
"energy healers (reiki, reconnexion, pranic healing, ...)" doing. We
just do it on intuition.

The results ? More than 90% of attendees were able to create a change in their
client with the shamanic intervention !

Those included :

 - healing of a trauma (not possible to recall the suffering from the
memory, even if trying hard to)

 - emotionnal change (getting Cpl)

 - change in belief (often radical)

 - emergence of new solutions to the intial problem

 - manifestation in the physical world (one woman did the intervention on
finding a car, she was looking for a car for 2 years, unsuccessfully, and she
found the perfect car just the day after the training)

 - Vanishing of physical pains or limitations

Those results were sometimes partial, but
most of the time, complete.

The interventions lasted around 15 minutes.

Of course, the states are not permanent,
and we are supposed to reinduce them each time we want to do a shamanic
intervention. We used the NLP technique anchoring to facilitate the
reinduction, and we had a group hypnosis session to embed everything we learned
at a subconscious level.


I found this training incredibly brilliant
because :

- people were able to access peak experiences very easily and

- I discovered powerful abilities that I did not suspect

- the healing done was amazing, especially as it was fast,
effortless, painless, and with no words

- The success rate was about 90% over more
than 120 students, and the learning was fast (2 days, and we took our time)


About Alexandre Nadeau :

Alexandre is a special guy to me, as he is
one of the most upright trainer and researcher I know. He knows and masters
many many kinds of techniques, including distant healing techniques, and he is
really great at non-verbal communication and NL

I wonder what states allow him to induce
states into other people as he does. I know he has the Being present state, the
Being On Track most of the time, and he is in Beauty Way most of the time also.
He has strong Gaïa and Creator connections, and had Void experience.

How is it useful for us ?

Well, it demonstrates several things :

- some states or combinaison of states allow to do changework
(call it “healing” or “shamanic intervention) quite easily, and possibly
healing trauma in a fast painless way

- the “awaken shamanic trance” is probably very useful to get
other states

- personnaly, it gave me more contact with the way Gaïa work,
which is great and troublesome.

I also wonder if we can use those induction
techniques and combine them with generationnal healing to increase the states
and make them permanent. I think it is worth investing some dozen hours to test

And if you want to practice it with me,
well I don’t have time right now, but I’m decided to deepen it sometime soon


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    Interesting! And you did a good analysis, LOL. 

    I have been practicing shamanism for many years. and I have get myself more involved in the past year. 

    One thing I found Shamanic is very helpful is about the manifestation of change in one life, somehow it just direct and bring in change that help people to move forward in life. 

    I am interest to work on this with you later when you have time, or when you are in hk such that we can work in person :) 
  • Hello Kryon,

    Yes ! I would love to practice with you and discover your art when I'm in Hong Kong !

    When you say that shamanism help bringing change in one's life, do you mean materially, or psychologically ?

    Have you read Tom Brown Junior's books ? If not, I really recommend them. Fascinating stories on shamanic lifestyle by an old Apache scout.
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    Hi all,
    Just wanted to let you know that we support Alexandre Nadeau's work. When we get around to doing a second edition of 'Peak States of Consciousness, Volume 1', we will be including a new chapter by Alexandre. 
    He trained with Grant around 2002, but takes a different (but also excellent) approach to the whole area of peak states, positive feelings, etc. We keep in touch, albeit not as much as we would like due to the busyness of our lives.
    His website is: Enjoy!
    Dr. Grant McFetridge
    Research director for the Peak States Institute
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    Hi everyone,
    Today 18th of July 2017, I'm just out of a new shamanic training with Alexandre Nadeau. You might call it shamanic training 2.0 !
    Here is some informations about what was going on !

    What was the goal of the training ?
    The goal was to enable people to do shamanic work smoothly and efficiently in 2 days. By shamanic work, I mean :
     - Being able to change or eliminate physical tension or discomfort in someone's else body without talking to them, using energy, or merely doing ANYTHING.
     - Being able to change an emotionnal pattern or release a trauma in someone's else body by doing NOTHING
     - Being able to do distance healing on someone
     - Being able to positively influence a life situation the same way (finding a solution, manifestation, automatic change, ...)
     - And to transcend many many limits one might have had.

    What happened ?
    This goal was reached. People were able to do this shamanic work within the first 2 hours with a 97% success rate. Then they were able to work on people, life situations, or tangible or intangible items, by doing nothing efficiently (some results were immediate, so mesurable indeed) and smoothly (there had been very few emotional outburst, trauma flooding, or "crazy stuff" happening). At the end, the succes rate was >90%.

    How does it work ?
    The first training, back in 2015, was using 3 states of consciousness combined :
     - awakened shamanic trance
     - merging with Gaïa (life everywhere)
     - merging with God

    In this training, however, there was only 1 state of consciousness, that he calls "hyperpresence". This state induce a deep silence in the mind, amplification or internal perception (kinesthesic, auditory and visual), a connection to "the Consciousness that is everywhere", and also a non-intervention of the mind. Basically, one is told to go into that state and not try to do anything but just being present and maintaining the state while being near a client.
    After a few exercise, we were taught to just listen to our intuition and do whatever we felt like doing, not using our mind or rationnal, just just our intuition.

    Does it work ? Hell yeah ! And it is much easier to do than in the 2015 training, as there is only one state of consciousness to go into.

    This high success rate was made possible because this state was already taugh by Nadeau in his "silent intervention".

    How to translate into the peak states perspective ?
    1) Nadeau previous "silent intervention" were using a combination or 2 peak states :
     - Silent Mind
     - Being Present
    It is long-known in bouddhist traditions that peripheral vision (defocalised) can induce silence in the mind. This is also taught in several hypnosis school. However, that doesn't work so well in my experience.
    Nadeau is using the defocalisation wider than what one can see with its eyes, and goes toward the back of the head, above, and in all directions. He also tells to do it with audition and sensations. Hence, his technique is more complete and very efficient for creating a "silent mind".
    Then, the "being present" is induced by expanding consciousness inside the whole body and focusing on feeling whatever one can feel.
    The "do nothing" part of the technique is also a reason why it is efficient.
    Supposedly, this technique works by unconditionnal presence to someone (as differentiated from unconditionnal acceptance or love, which are not necessary in this technique.

    2) 2015's shamanic intervention was using what I recognized as :
     - World Inside Body state used to transmit one's experience to someone else (silent communication or telepathy in the form of sensations, images, sound or... nothing)
     - Communication with Gaïa for doing whatever your intuition tells you to do
     - Creator Light for the same purpose.
    Nadeau found that most efficient healers are using the Creator Light state while most efficient shamans are using Gaïa, so he had the idea of combining both states, and he found out it works wonder.
    Were people accessing these states ?
    Probably, to some degree which was sufficient to induce change in someone else.
    However, as it is an induction technique, the effects are temporary, though one might get better and better access with several repetitions (as with any altered state of consciousness). I think that people were accessing different kinds of state depending on their unconscious understading of "Gaïa" and "God". As reported on my 2015 posts, some might had a Gratitude or Joy state. I heard of someone who accessed the Sacred realm.

    Unfortunately, repeating the process out of the training was hard for me, as I didn't feel those states at all.

    During 2015 and 2017, I worked on increasing my connection with Gaïa a bit, and a lot on the World Inside Body (about 100 hours). This work was experimental, confusing, and not very succesful. Eventually, I got a partial state at least at the end.
    Still today, it is hard to feel the state even thought I might have a good portion of it if compared to 2-3 models who have it. But it is far from the description of the state, as I don't feel anything inside of me.
    I don't know yet why this is happening, and I'm still working on it. One hypothesis is that my brains are not merged enough for the state to be fully felt.

    3) Now into the 2017 shamanic training 2.0 !
    Nadeau has also been working on the past 2 years to improve his techniques and working on both his "silent intervention" and "shamanic intervention".
    At last, the both are merging into one !
    The induction technique is targeting only one state of consciousness. How does that translate into our peak states model ?

    Well, probably a combination of all 5 states above (Silent Mind, Being Present, Gaïa Communication, World Inside Body, and Creator Light).
    I suspect the main mechanism is about enhancing one's access to Gaïa, or maximising its existing connection. The Creator part is only an enhancer.

    According to Nadeau, consciousness is everywhere and is free of any limitation. Thus, his silent-expanded-present altered state give access to this consciousness. He also teaches that eventually, we are all the same consciousness (if we go beyond our personnality).

    For understanding purpose, I have to state again that Nadeau's work is oriented from his Beauty Way state, which gives the feeling that everything is Alive and Life is everywhere (a connexion to Gaïa + a solid Creator connexion, and non-identification to one's "ego").
    Also, several assistants (about 15) were present at the training and were constantly inducing the state, changes, or specific aspects, especially the Creator Light.

    So, what it this "consciousness" he talks about ? Probably it is a perception of Gaïa.
    In the end, people were able to do the same kind of shamanic intervention without focusing on traditionnal shamanic stuff.

    What about "energy"
    Opposed to 2015's training, Nadeau was referring a lot to the fact we were doing "energetic work" though this is different from normal energetic work in my opinion. Perhaps this seems more accessible to people, and less out-of-their-cultural-beliefs than "shamanic" stuff which sounds like "voodoo" ?
    I'm not sure, but I didn't have any perception of negativity, power, or "energy" while doing or receiving it. Doesn't feel like parasite stuff, but of course, my perceptions are limited.

    Also different : Nadeau was teaching how to increase one's "energetic power" by teaching a technique which increases the power of chakras and kundalini.
    I personnaly increased my chakra diameter drastically in a very shot time.
    This is supposed to increase the power of our interventions, making them shorter essentially (or more efficient ; In fact the did not specify what this was for).

    Where efficiency comes from ?
    I have the hypothesis this is efficient because :
     - different people have different set of traumas, and so are able to work by crossing our "free zones". IE if I have no fear of heights, I can help someone who has it to release it.
     - unconditionnal presence + eventually acceptance and love
     - connexion to Gaïa is maximised (so GaÏa can work within "a wider frame")
     - or... a p******* mechanism (bad news)

    I also have the hypothesis it works better with someone who does have peak states of consciousness (and/or who has healed a lot of traumas).

    So indeed, it worked well with me due to my Silent Mind, Brain Light, Creator Light, and partial World Inside Body / connexion to Gaïa.

    But it also worked well with people who have no peak state at all and even a low therapy/healing experience !

    Why ?

    It might be an effect of Nadeau (and his assistants) inducing the state to the group. Or just because his induction method is working quite well !
    Anyhow, Nadeau has find a way to make people create deep changes efficiently and very fast (within minutes) in themselves or in life situations.
    Let's see how it works for them after a few weeks or months...
  • Additional comment.

    Since 2015, I've been working on the "awakened shamanic trance" that we used at Nadeau's training.

    However, getting this state has been a challenge. First, how to identify it from the peak states model ? I supposed it was the World Inside Body state, since the description matches my experience.

    Getting this peak state was challenging since there is no process for it. Thus, I tried different approaches (as explained here : Connecting with Gaïa) including induction method, Experience-to-State process, and regression to a challenging developmental event.

    Overall, I spend around 100 hours on it, and about half of the time, I was helped by Ingka. I healed a lot of traumas, but it seemed I never got close the state, or didn't feel it.

    Interestingly, Ingka herself got the state (at least a good portion of it), and we used the model of Alexandre Nadeau and another person who has the full state to zero in and identify the characteristic and the healings yet to complete.

    Anyway, I never really felt the state as it is described. That is, feeling the world as it is in my body. I had the experience several time, but never as a stable state or a voluntary experience.

    Here is the feedback I gave to Ingka today, to give a conclusion on that whole story :



    This training was focused solely on one state of consciousness that Nadeau was inducing verbally and non-verbally. Everything was centered around feeling an inner silence and consciousness is everywhere.
    I don’t know what it is in term of peak states, probably a combination of different states.

    Anyway, I was able to do « shamanic work » pretty easily using this state, and I found the same abilities I discovered at the 2015’s shamanic training, in a easier way.

    Of course, I think the more peak states + the less traumas we have, the better it works. But almost everybody (400 people) was getting results. That is, feeling changes in their own body sensations / emotions / beliefs.

    When I was in the car riding back from Québec city to Montréal to catch my plane, I took some time to practice on myself. I was waving my hands in front of me as if I was gently brushing something.

    The driver was in that same state of consciousness, and he told me he felt everything my hands were doing as if it was happening in his own head, physically. So he was in the WIB state, I guess. Or I was, or both.

    I think now that I have the state, it is just very different from Grant’s description since I don’t feel anything in my body. But somehow, it seems I can have an impact in the body of others. And when I go into the shamanic trance, I can « feel » imaginary structure as if they were real, tangible objects.

    For example, I can imagine a round ball and touch it and move it with my hands and feel it like it is tangible.

    I still don’t have the sensations objects around me are looking back at me, or that I can feel them.

    Maybe Grant’s description is because he also had other states, like the Expanded CoA. Maybe his description of the World Inside Body is actually a combination of WIB & Exp CoA states.

    So, in order to going further, I might try to talk to Anne to have her own description of the state.
    I might also try to expand my CoA far outside my body to see if I can feel things.

    But anyway, I think I reached my goal of being able to do shamanic work again !

    So, thanks a lot for the work we did together. We can keep going on it if you want for research purpose only. I feel I don’t need more work on this.



    So, what will I do now ?

    I will now shift my focus on working on other states. First, complete fusion of the brains seems to be super important to be able to access all of one's abilities. Then, the Creator Light is certainly useful on many levels (and it makes life so much more agreable and easier). And next, I might continue the work on Gaïa states, or something else.

    Best and thanks for reading !
  • Wow,

    Thank you for the comprehensive review . Im out of touch with "healing" stuff but i visit here now and then to check up. Sounds very interesting.
  • Gaetan,

    Thanks for all this, I love it when people related their experiences with successes and failures. 
    I was told I should first acquire the "World in Body" peak state.  I was surprised, and wondered why, but there's not much on it.  This helped to flesh it out just a little more. 

    I would love if there were a part of the forum or even a thread for everyone reporting peak state acquisition successes and failures, time taken, what it's like/ changes, etc. 

  • Gaetan, Were you ever able to get World Inside Body?  Is there any progress at the PSI about a procedure for attaining this state, or is AN's method possibly the best for now?
  • Hello David,
    No, I haven't got the state. It is out of my focus now though, as I'm centering my efforts onto acquiring other, more fundamental states.
    There is no research on this state currently. It might be acquired at birth, but we haven't figured the underlying biology yet, so that's unsure.
    The ISPS is focused on more important stuff, and that takes a hella lot of time :-)

  • Thank you.
  • Gaetan, Did you try the "PS Experience ->Peak State" method? 
  • Of course, it is taught in the training.

    It does work on some instances but several peak states are blocked by parasites and not traumas.

    It works great for someone who has been in a peak state temporarily for a few days or weeks. But for people who just got into it for a very short time, there is less chance of it working.
  • I wanted to combine it with techniques used to induce temporary states... it didn't work very well :D

    So I do it with clients sometimes. In my own healing journey, I'm trying to look at more fundamental reasons why I haven't got certain peak states.
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