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Using the Inner Peace Process from Volume 1

I thought you might enjoy reading feedback from a person who recently did the Inner Peace Process straight from our book Peak States of Consciousness, Vol.1 (2004). [For those of you who don't know, Volume 1 has a revision 1.1 technique in it for getting a steady Inner Peace state. That free process works for about 1/3 of the general public who try it - our licensed therapists use the more complex but much more generally effective revision 4.1 with their paying clients. We also have a two hour video on how to do the public version, so you can follow along and do it while you watch - it is now on YouTube, and can be seen on the therapist website, or a more in-depth treatment on our main Institute website.]

Here is the email:

Hi Grant.

I was able to purchase the first volume of your Peak States books on Amazon.

It's an awful lot to go through so I've been hunting and pecking mostly. Last Tuesday evening I spent an hour and 40 minutes administering the Inner Peace process to myself and I must say it seems to have worked for me.

It's quite remarkable to me because I still don't really understand what Beethoven's music, the phrase "Join forces in glory", and the linking chain visualization means to my subconscious. Nonetheless, since I did the process it is clear that I'm unable to experience sadness, grief, or anger when recalling formerly painful past experiences. I'm also far less emotionally reactive to my usual triggers.

It's a shame you have no local therapists in Maine where I live. I'm tempted to share this with my wife and boys, but having read the dire warnings about risk of suicide, I'd prefer they didn't experiment as I did. In any case I'd say we are all benefiting from the calm I'm currently living.

I'm still adjusting to the state and trying to wrap my mind around the reality of it, but I want to thank you for the work you are all doing.

Best regards,

My reply:

I enjoyed reading about your experience - glad you had a successful outcome with the Inner Peace Process. I’d recommend doing it two more times just to be sure it is locked in place. As the success rate with this simple rev 1.1 is only about 1 in 3, you’re a lucky guy!
Re your family, the process was tested extensively before publication to make sure it did not have any serious problems. The book explains the kinds of trauma issues one can encounter with it if something is not working correctly. If you are still concerned, you could always contact a PeakStates therapist to act on call as backup just in case. Again, the success rate is 1 in 3, so no telling if it will also work with them. The therapist process (rev 4.1) is much more complex but works more consistently - and also costs money.
All my best,
PS: I get an email like yours every once  every few months, which still amazes me as I have no idea how people ever find our books...


  • I think, the other amazing point besides people finding the book , is that people are willing to change their paradigm and actually try it ! I am really looking forward the youtube video being uploaded. Thanks for the work! 
  • The Inner Peace Process video that gives an explanation of how the technique works and a demonstration of the technique is now available on our websites. You might also be interested in reading our blog posting that discusses this technique, its history, and its applications. 

    The video can be seen on the therapist website; the video with a more in-depth written description is on our main Institute website.]
  • Hi, maybe this has been covered in the books and I don't remember it..sorry for that but my question is: if the Inner Peace Process turns off all the negative emotions (but doesn't remove the traumas or the trauma strings on the primary cells) how can you expect to do WHH or any other therapy to work on traumas that you have?
    thank you
  • Hello Antonella,
    In my experience, trauma healing only becomes easier with the Inner peace state, because it is easier to get out of activation if needed.
    Thus it gives one more confidence into getting into the traumas.

    In Inner peace, activation from past memories is turned off. But :
     - activation in the present is still possible, thus working on it on the spot is possible
     - one can regress to a traumatic memory and feel the trauma at that moment

    In other words, it becomes an effort to feel a trauma in the past, but it is still possible. It makes life much easier !

    If you have a positive outlook on life and the Inner peace state, stressful events are only stressful for a short duration of time, sometimes minutes only, and then you go back to peacefulness.

    Does that help you ?
  • Hi there, im revisiting this forum/peakstates after a long time away. I saw this post which sparked my interest.

    This is something that i never fully understood or comprehended. Now i did use the old technique a good five or six years agao. The technique from volume one. I used it rather unskillfully , ie i listened to the music and tapped away not quite knowing if i was having an effect. 

    Sometime later i had the courage to see a peakstates therapist. On a scan it was confirmed that i had pretty much got the inner peace state. Just needed a bit of tuning.

    Now i always did have a problem tuning into traumas and feeling them. Never really knew whether it was due to the state, or a touch of diassociation.

    When i tune into past memories, quite difficult to tune into the feelings there. HOWEVER , recently ive realised that i so still get activated/emotional in certain situations. Been working a lot with anger and rage recently. The feelings are familiar, nad have themes so clearly its trauma. Clearly i am getting activated by past traumas. 

    BUt as you say, it happens in the moment. Its either ON or OFF if that makes sense. When its gone its hard to access. Its better to try and tune into it as its happening. This is my experience anyhow.
  • Thank you that helps :)
  • One more question: I want to translate the phrase "Join forces in glory" into Italian.  it's the Join part that is unclear to me, if it weren't in the "imperative "would it be like "we" join or you singular, you plural, they? thank you
  • I'm not an expert, not in commands, nor in English. From translation to Polish i could say that this is a command for you. This is an imperative for you to do something. The command assumes that you already have (consists of?) few forces. That you - as very simple organism "under construction" - have more as one "thing" which is coming into your mind when you - as this simple organism - say "my force".
    So the command tells you to "connect" all these forces together. And to do this surrounded with the feeling of glory.

    Imagine e.g.: a mother tells to her child "bring your hands together and connect all fingers together too as close as you can; and keep smiling doing it" (in this example child's hands and fingers are "forces"; and "keep smiling" used instead the "in glory").
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