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Client with deafness, tinitus, and music in the head

[Grant writes: I would like to encourage therapists on this forum to write descriptions of treatments on interesting cases that might be useful to your colleagues. Here is one such case involving hearing issues.]

I have a new client, male, age 35, with three problems: tinnitus, constantly playing music, and hearing loss. The tinnitus was the most important to him (he had hearing aids in both ears).

I did the usual treatments when working with a problem of unknown origin: checking for body associations, generational trauma, and biographical trauma (a firecracker exploded by his ear during a party, then hearing loss commenced). No changes.

So following the idea of the copies causing tinnitus, I asked the client if they had something on or over their ears to act as a protection. The answer was no. (This doesn't mean that there is not something there, but if so the client was not conscious of it. As you will see later, there was something but it had been there so long it felt 'normal'.)

Given his extreme case of sound loops, I wondered if the sound loop bacterial organism was somehow blocking a region in the nuclear membrane that might correspond to the ears. (I have no idea if there is one - it is more likely there would be one on the cell membrane - but it was worth a test.) So I asked him to feel what it would be like if the sound loops went away, and he had a quick flash of being lonely. He also noted that the songs that were playing in his mind made him feel happy. We healed the loneliness, and the sound playing radically decreased in his head.

He then suddenly recalled something that he had noticed years ago - his ears felt like they were stuck on the outside of two vertical structures inside his head, about 2-3 inches wide but thin in depth. The feeling he has when he focused on these structures was that they protected him. Tapping on that feeling of protection caused them to at first become porous, and then to vanish completely. (Was it the sound loop organism, a crown brain structure, or something else? I don't know, and it really is not important as tapping on the protection feeling worked.)

Experientially, his hearing changed in that now sound 'went right through him' - before, sound was muffled. The session ended (we only had an hour), but his tinnitus and hearing loss were still there. I'll let you know what happens next week when we continue healing.

[Grant writes: I am focused on treating his deafness first. This client now illustrates something I'd seen in the 1990s with other hearing impaired people - they often had trauma from about the time the ears were forming in utero. However, healing this was not always successful in treating deafness - perhaps because of unrecognized body associations or other biological issues?]

Checking with the client the following week, the deafness and tinnitus were still about the same, although the sound loops had decreased in volume. The vertical structures inside the skull were still gone. However, the client could now feel what felt like cotton earplugs inside his ear canal touching his ear drums.

Regressing, he ended up at an in utero trauma. His mother was screaming loudly and feeling guilt (which at first the client thought was his own feeling). The client had a sensation of contraction in his fetal body, anus, and ears, along with the sensation of the cotton earplug forming. His fetal feeling was anger. His placenta was also damaged with a feeling of fear. After some healing, the cotton earplug feeling dissolved, but left a feeling that his ear canal were being flattened from above - his entire head was being crushed downward.
We also found some damage in the umbilical cord, but did not have time in the session to finish this rather severe fetal trauma moment. We'll continue in a week.


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