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  • But why then does he regenerate faster, if so?
  • Hey Robert. You started this topic by stating that you have for a huge part of your life experienced the problem of indecisiveness and difficulty making choices. Is that the core of you question(s)? Is this still up-to-date for you? You ask for the right decision. The term „right“ - in my understanding – is a concept of…
  • Hi Rob! Im sorry - I cant give you a general estimation on how long it takes to clear "a particular person." After all, as I see it, you don't really clear the person, but you clear your projections by healing the underlying brain conflict due to prebirth trauma. these projections are not attached to one or another person.…
  • AAaah, okay! So I had a misunderstanding here I think. I thought you take a round, formable mass in the beginning just because then your perception will change to the according shape of the event that is being regressed to. So I had expected that it wont take on the same shape (almost) every time I do the merging. So the…
  • Maybe what irritates you is not so much, that you cannot regress at all but more that the things you perceive while you are regressing are not what you expect them to be. But thats plain guessing. So lets have a chat. Just add me on skype, my name there is anarchist912. Ah, and im in Germany. :)
  • Hi Gaëtan, as far as I know the Being on Track state is one of the few if not only example of those states that dont seem to be stable. See the description on the Peak States list on peakstates.com (http://www.peakstates.com/states.html): 'Being on Track' state • Characteristics: The state has a strong feeling of euphoria…
  • Hi Gaëtan! For me its hard to get an idea of whats going on for you through the descriptions you gave. Would you like to have a chat on it via skype? Maybe I have an idea when I get some more details through your answers to my questions.. just add me.. anarchist912 Looking forward..
  • Hey Nemi, thanks for your perspective. What you did is what Im trying to do as well, in my own personal way of course. All of what you said, does mean much to me. thanks for the encouragement that I got from your words as well. ;) all my best.
  • Hey Karolina! That really sounds great to me, too. ;) I wish I had it as a permanent state.. What I wrote was rather a short peak experience. I didn't use X2S on it yet..
  • Thanks Ingka for your comment - it is indeed helpful to me. I had a hard and very long day at work yesterday.. couldn't sleep the night before, because I put myself under pressure, because I got fucking much to do, many changes to come and uncertainties, too.. and then, after being sleep deprived, this bodily heavy work. I…