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Slowed healing and how to improve

Hi everyone,

In the light of a recent experience I had, here are some thoughts about slowed healing.

Recently, I stumbled upon a serie of issues that took me hours and hours to heal, with traumas and parasites being triggered one after the other, and often healing was slow.

It is a nice area to work on if you are doing extensive inner work with trauma healing or peak states.

First, what is healing ?

Healing is a repairing done by Gaïa to our physical body when we allow it to be. As we know, Gaïa has enormous power. We are separate from Gaïa (in average consciousness), and so our efforts are trying to bridge the gap. The key element of Whole-Hearted Healing, as we know, is acceptance and feeling of the physical damage.

In reality, healing should be fast. When using WHH we work on a trauma string with its stuck ribosomes and underlying damaged histone. At that level, healing should take 2-3 minutes. What is your experience ? For me, it is mostly the case for associationnal and generationnal traumas, unless I have a particular underlying resistance to heal this particular issue I'm working on. Why is it so ?

The usual, general resistance that slows healing is simply reluctance to feel an issue (because it is hard or horrible). It is worse with biographical traumas for me (generally takes 20 to 60 minutes in bad cases). That's exactly what WHH is meant to correct.

However, it is likely that there is another underlying issue that goes beyond not wanting to feel a trauma.

How do you find it ? With genuine acceptance of looking inside of yourself and FEEL that dark side.

In my recent experience, there were a few generationnal traumas that made me feel / believe that I couln't never heal nicely or easily, that I deserved to suffer and could never be complete (healed). Then, another layer surfaced that was simply "healing is slow". There was more than generationnals here (copy, ...).

Healing these issues made a real difference in my approach to healing. It is just easier. And faster. Now I don't "feel" any fundamental reason why a generationnal trauma shouldn't heal in 2-3 minutes. It is smoother.

Generationnal traumas are everywhere, from surface issues to deep core ones. One of their main characteristic is that they make you feel like they belong to your core self, your physical construction. It's as if a wall looks at the bricks it is made of and say "this is me". Thus, it can seem normal, like it shouldn't be changed. That's why it is not always easy to put the finger on it, even though you obviously feel it.

This lead to another reflexion : the world as we see it, and ourselves, seems perfectly normal, since it is what is there. It seems normal a human being can live up to 80 years on average. It seems normal a human being can't regenerate. It seems normal we have negativity, and so on...
Well. Maybe it is NOT normal. We are just used to it.
Ok, so we know what to do : keep on healing ourselves and push through our pre-conceptions with the question in mind : "what's stopping me from healing nicely ?"

How to find fundamental blocks to healing nicely and fast

1) The first target is, as we have seen, generationnal traumas.

These ones feel personnal, like you are made of them, and emotionnals.

a) Thus, you can use the approach of tuning into yourself, feeling your whole body, and let your consciousness lead you to the answer to the question "why can't I heal fastly ?". Accept your feelings and emotions all the way. It is likely the issue is blocked from awareness at first. Also, it can be so obvious that you never identified it consciously before ("it is just as I am / the world is !"). Honesty toward yourself is key here.

b) An another approach is to start from the belief and feel if it is true to you. For instance "healing is slow" or "I'm not good enough to heal fast", etc... You have a list of them in the subcellular diagnostic handbook, in the section on therapists' beliefs.
The funny thing is, when I looked at that list of beliefs during my training 4 years ago, and again 2 years ago when the book was published, it seemed to me I didn't have ANY of the beliefs listed. I tought is was because I did extensive work on my belief system before in hypnosis and EFT. Wrong. The deeper layer was just blocked from my awareness.

Thus, with time, as your ability to heal yourself improve, be prepared to find these issues again, in ever changing forms.

2) The second target are body associations.

These ones make issues being locked (or coming back). Not always easy to spot.

A few hints here :
 - when working on a serious issue, or a problem that seems disproportionnately triggered, you can check for several associationnal traumas. That is, keep looking form them until you find no more. It is easy to just do one associationnal and then move on. But you should really keep looking for them until you can't find any.
This apply also to trauma flooding or overwhelm.

 - remember you can do association  on the issue you are working on (the trauma) and also on your current state. Associationnal traumas can make your body brain believe it needs to keep its current state and not change, in order to survive. Free yourself from that.

 - Daniel had a nice idea of doing one body association a day, on whatever comes up. Slowly but surely, he got more freedom. This decrease the risk of triggering homeostasis problems, I believe.

3) There are other issues of course, like core traumas, and all usual subcellular cases we work on routinely.

Peak states that speed up healing

Beside the issues discussed before, some peak states can speed up healing. Here is a short list. I guess all students learn about it in the training, but others can be interested.

1) Self-love

The more you love yourself, the faster healing goes. In EFT, we use "even though... I completely love myself". Also Gay Hendricks used this and it is sometimes enough to heal.

2) Creator Light / Unconditionnal Acceptance

The Creator Light has several characteristics, including unconditionnal acceptance. As it is a key element of WHH, getting total acceptance speeds up healing.

3) Being Present

Another key element of WHH is feeling what is to be felt. Thus, being able to be completely here, present is an important part. That is what this state does.

4) Brain Fusion states

The more your brains are merged, the better they can collaborate. When they become one, there is less resistance from the brains to access and work on different issues. Also, the perception of emotions changes a lot as you approach Hollowness, making it easier to process.

For these reasons, brain fusion states are probaly the first states you should work toward acquiring, then self-love and self-acceptance, and then presence. CF "Optimal order for acquiring peak states" chapter in Peak States Vol 2.

And of course, there are many other good reasons to get these states !


Healing should be fast.
If it is not, then you might have an underlying issue that gets in the way.

You can keep it in mind in your own journey, but also as therapists when healing clients who gets hard to get to a good place, the same approach can be used. What is the underlying issue ?

Well, what are your thoughts on it ? What is your personnal experience ?


  • I'm working with a student now who is using the realms (Gaia, Creator, Void, Humanity) to find traumas and to heal.  Humanity seems more like all species vs just humanity.  The realms seem more like gods, than places, and they communicate with each other and team up in various combinations for healing.  They seem to be able to hunt traumas given an intent by you, and they heal them incredibly fast.  They are very good at removing parasites thoroughly.  Void is the main agent in healing.  Creator feels like the owner of the store, Gaia the store manager, and Void the worker.

    They aren't there to do your bidding, but all will converse with you, and help you heal.  This is developing fast, but it is an area you may want to explore.
  • Hello Gary,
    Thank you, that's very interesting !

    These techniques seems wonderful. The problem is getting there, as it is not your average Joe who can get these states.

    I've been trained in using Gaïa + the Creator to induce healing in other people. That is easy and pretty fast. But I've been suggest to negative parasite interaction, and I needed to improve my Gaïa connection.

    But maybe you could explain more in details your exploration and how your student and you have been able to get there ?
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