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Visual Memory/Loving oneself/Heartmath

Hi there,

Could anybody answer a couple of questions i have.

1.What part of our consciousness/biology is responsible for the visual part of our memory? By this i mean the ability yo visually remember things, the ability to review the days events and "see things"? Second part of this question is what can impede this function to have a good visual memory?

I seem to recall maybe in volume 1 that the heart brain thinks in emotions and images, although i could be mistaken.

2. When we intentionally invoke feelings of unconditional love what are we doing biologically speaking? Second part of this question is, is there anything that can prevent or impair our ability to invoke this "loving feeling"?

Im asking because it seems like i am deficient in both qualities. A good few years ago i had the memory issues. I had been experiemting with the heart math method. This method involves intentionally focusing on the heart area, on feelings of love and appreciation. Id also read a book called healing with love by Leonard leskow so i was curious about healing stuff with love. So one day whilst going to work i focused on loving myself and my memory issues. I focussed on loving myself and kind of mentally "flowed" the heart energy from my chest to my head. When i got to work (it was a long commute and i was a passenger btw), i felt really good. As if by magic my memory was 100 percent. Just like that. It was like day and night. I could mentally go back in the day and remember what i had done, the visual images in my head were bright, and i could go back to any point in a conversation and remember it, like visually and hearing it. But alas, it lasted only a couple of days.

Ive since tried to replicate the experience but failed miserably. Somewhere along the line, i seem to have lost the ability to feel the loving feeling also, like i can get it but its only like 20 or 30 percent of what it was (i think). 


  • Hello Apranihita,

    Well nobody answered so far, so let me try.

    1. Yes the heart brain use visual memory. At least, he is the one who have the trauma images. I am not so sure about day to day visual memory, regression visuals, or other types.

    2. I don't know exactly, but it seems it is an ability / state from the heart brain. It can be impaired, like all peak states, mainly by generationnal traumas, or other usual mechanisms (associationnal trauma, peak state bug, tribal block, ...).
    You can try to do X2S on the loving feeling, you might be able to get it back !

    Now your experience with cardiac coherence and memory is very interesting. There can be a basic neurology explanation as to why your memory improved, because cardiac coherence has lots of good effects on the brain. From the peak states model, you may have improved the mind brain and heart brain fusion.

    Also, maybe you incidentally went into another peak state who enables one to regress at will. This state is characterised by an intense inner bright light. Maybe the heart-mind fusion triggered that state. You can see in the old description about Beauty Way that the Inner Brightness (Creator Light) can be linked to the Inner Peace state. However, that's an indirect mechanism, so you might need to use the "flow of love from heart to head" technique again to see if it improves your memory, temporarily or permanently.

    Good luck and let us know how it goes !
  • Well.....

    I came back to the forum to ask the same question, and realised that i already asked but forgot about it. Thats how sucky my memory is sometimes.

    I seem to be have a want it /don't want it approach to getting this state back. When i think about it , my life would be imeasurably better if i had this state back. Its like i'm living a half life at the moment. The memory issues really do impact me, but with no solution i am forced to live this way.

    One other thing is that i did  mention in my opening thread, was that back then, i was much more able to access the feeling of love. I could tune into it and turn it on. Now its kind of muted, like a shadow of its self. Im scared that i may have damaged this ability somehow.

    I am fascinated by this memory/heart connection, nobody seems to have an answer so far.

    Thanks for replying. 
  • Hi there,

    I've just realised that i've renewed my interest in getting this state back. Even if i cant get the whole state back i'm going to try and recover aspects.

    I don't really have funds for a therapist right now but i'm trying to clear generationals that might be blocking it.

    Having a visual memory is super important to me, and my memory sucks so bad. I've just learnt to live with it, but its not good enough.
  • Note to self and anybody else that might be interested or have comments.

    During some healing/meditation concerning this state , i realised there is a strong part of me that is "seeking". I think it is my mind brain. It was searching for an answer to this problem before the state. When i got my state part of me was thinking well i have nothing to search for now. 

    As i contemplated this i realise that this part of me is always seeking something outhere, normally information. Its the same part of me that researches information about any topic, but is never satfisfied. When im seeking, it has a physical feeling in my brain, that is similar to stress.

    Could this be a part of me that is resisting healing?

    I also have an issue of seeking help/reassurance from other people. When i contemplate this feeling, this wanting help feeling its strongly associated with being looked after in some way. Again could this be a powerful factor preventing healing?

    What is the relevance/interpretation from a peak state model? Is this a triune brain issue? What is the best way of healing these issues?

  • Hi Rob!

    Clearing generationals is a good idea :)

    That is probably necessary to regain that state, but the tribal block might be in the way to.

    Regarding your mind brain which is always seeking : you noticed in meditation that there is some stress behing it. That suggests it is trauma based. Have you tried generationals on it ?

    You can also do body associations on the state itself. Maybe there is a negative association.

    Seeking reassurance can be a part of your issue but that should not block the state, I believe. From your description, it might be caused by something we call a 's-hole' in psychobiology. There is a method to healing it but I can't detail it in here. You can try to focus deeply on the feeling of wanting attention and tap.

    Don't understand your question on relevance/interpretation :) what do you mean ?

    Regarding your memory, what happened when you lost it ? Memory issues can be caused by many other potential causes - maybe nothing to do with the heart brain - for example, traumatic brain injury, or heavy metal, or so many things.

  • Hi there, thanks for the insight.

    Some good information to think about.

    The phrase "relevance /interpretation", i think was a poor choice of words. Wondering how this part might fit into the model. I guess its a triune brain type thing.

     I think i was wondering if a particular triune brain could be resisting the state. And if so, what is the best way of dealing with this "part".

    Memory wise, im not sure. Ive tried various things over the years. Detoxes, nutrients, diets. It was an issue before the peakstate and as i say, it literally vanished during those couple of days. I had perfect visual memory, i also had the hollow state i think. When i tuned into my head where i currently have this dullness, it was empty as was most of my body.
  • Oh, so the perfect visual memory was a peak state in itself ! Nice. I never experienced that.

    I guess we can "classify" our capacities in 3 categories :

    1) Sub-normal (dysfunctional) => diseases, damage, ...
    We function less well than we "normally" should, which indicates there is a specific problem, like physical damage or disease.
    Ex: bad memory, mental disorder, most diseases, etc...
    2) Average / normal (more or less functional depending on how you view things)
    What most people experience, no particular positive state nor any particular disease or trouble
    But of course from our point of  view, average consciousness is not really a good thing at all, as the absence of peak states is in itself a dysfunction.
    3) Hyperfunctional
    Where you have above-normal capacities, like perfect memory, high IQ, immunity to diseases, resilience, peak states & abilities, etc...

    So you can apply different techniques and models depending on what you want to work on.

    But anyway...

     I think i was wondering if a particular triune brain could be resisting the state. And if so, what is the best way of dealing with this "part".

    Yes ! Do you know triune brain therapy ? It is when you go to each brain's location on the body and initiate a dialogue with them. Very useful as you can detect which brain resists the state, and - in a limited way - why.

  • How likely that resisting a state comes from one of the brains?  When I tried PS healing, it took hours and hours, and in the end I only got 82% there, and only 25% or so remained permanently.  Somewhere in that time with such slow progress, would it possibly have been helpful to take a look at the brains and see if there was resistance? 
  • yes Gaetan, it was part of the state. Im not sure if it was beyond average, but because id lacked it for so long it felt amazing! Its hard to explain, it was like if you asked me what i said in a conversation, i could visualise the part in the conversation and i could remember all the details. 

    Im vaguely familiar with triune brain therapy.

  • I would love to have the same memory ! That must be great.

    Well, that applies to someone who had the state as a stable one for quite some time and it decreases for example.

    If you starts from 0, then that mechanism is not so relevant, because there are fundamental reasons why you don't have that state at all (traumas at a developmental event, ...).
  • Gaetan, Thank you for this answer, and many others. :)
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