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Eating vegetables

An interesting case of a man who could not eat vegetables.

Since he was a little child, he could never eat vegetables or any new food. Fruits were ok, but he just never ate them, even when he had the occasion.
He though this started when he was 1-year-old. Supposedly, his father had to go to work several days in a row during that period. However, that did not seem traumatic at all.

His symptom was that his mouth/throat would get blocked, he felt disgust, and fear. This issue was a handicap for his health (eating healthy foo) and pretty annoying when eating out or in social situations.

I suspected maybe he ate something distateful or even poisonous when he was a kid, or maybe there his mother shouted at him because he would not eat ?

Anyway, the symptoms seemed like body associations. These associational traumas create a conditionned reflex : each time he sees a new food, or a colorful vegetable, he would be disgusted and it was a torture to eat these foods.

So, I tried with our wonderful body association technique (explained in the last book Silence the Voices). Sure enough, there they were !

There were 3 associationnal traumas :
1 ) Strong disgust, feeling of a barrier in the mouth to prevent food to go in, fear.
2) Tension in the jaw, swollen tongue, and small apprehension.
3) Very small apprehension, slight discomfort, like a pression on the tongue.

After healing these, which took about 20 minutes including training him in the technique, all was gone. He was not afraid anymore, not annoyed if people would discover his issue, the disgust was gone and he could visualisz himself eating all kinds of food. This was verified in his past memories and future pre-visualisation. Now of course, it has to be field-tested.

So if people have trouble eating vegetable... it is probably very easy to heal (and honestly, that's life-changing) !
And it can easily be done with kids.


  • An update on this case.

    After asking this client for feedback three times, he finally answered me, two months after our first session.

    The results have been very good for a week, but then it reversed.

    So, is it more body associations, or an indirect mechanism ?

    I'll keep updating here if we do another session.
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