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7 peak states developmental event experience - Gaïa - Creator -Void - Sacred -Nothingness

edited July 2018 in Peak state(s)

Before for better understanding, I list the state I’m in:

  • silent mind
  • creator awareness
  • Gaïa communication
  • beauty way
  • primary cell state
  • inner peace
  • and others since this happened

Superbrain = equal for me all the brains fused together in one consciousness

When I talk of « me », or « in me », I talk in term of being the superbrain.


Monday with a friend we tried some experiments on me....

So I asked in myself to know and experience in the moment/live the 7 peak states that at the Institute you find a process in one-step to enable them all in yourself. 

So after trying to list them (without knowing which ones are the 7 peak states) and feeling them in me, I asked myself if there was a time in my life where I had experienced them all at once? It said yes in me, so I decided to go back there, to the event (I don’t know which one it is).

Then I was at the event in the super brain form (all the brains fused together in one entity). But I needed to do some healing on it for the fusing. All the brains were feeling crushed/diminished by the Body brain superiority. I healed it.

Then the Body brain felt ashamed about it. I healed it.

Then after the healing they all fused together in one entity/consciousness.

It became inside: white, luminous, radiating light around it and was spacious inside.

Then this super brain (let’s call it like that), started to move forward very fast into a tunnel. The tunnel’s sides were colored on some parts.

And when moving forward in the tunnel, I passed by at my left, an opening with a Noah’s Ark (Gaïa) and animals inside it (it was cutout in the middle and I was seeing all the animals inside it).

So I consciously stop the course of the super brain, and got back to the opening of this Ark. Because I felt it was important to go there.

I asked what was needed to integrate/merge Gaïa inside me (the superbrain). There was a parasite here preventing the merging. So I asked to see what allowed the parasite to be there in the first place, healed all the holes in the tunnel walls, in the past before the arrival of the parasite. Like that no parasite anymore.

Once done, many flashing lights/strikes of light by the left, right, bottom and top were entering into me.

Then I was suddenly in another realm, where it was dark (but not an usual darkness) face to face with a totem with 3 faces. I integrated the totem by half.

In the process of this, I had very intense and very fast, flashs of vivid green colors, green lights, green fluorescent.

After I got to finish the Gaïa’s integration in me (the Ark).

Then immediately I got to felt all the human life around me in my home. I was visually perceiving and hearing people’s heart beating.

And I got to finish the totem’s integration in me.

The  I was in the Void realm. It was something special to experience and to see the infinite creation and dissolution of things in it. It was like light dust who with thoughts were taking form (being created), to create structure and then materialize in the physical world.

I integrated the Void realm in me.

After that I followed a light (maybe it was the superbrain and I was at the 3rd person?) who was propulsing itself beyond the Void realm, beyond galaxies, beyond the big bang, the galaxies were appearing small small like stars saw from far far away. 

A picture to show the light going far beyond the Void realm and galaxies:

then here I was experiencing this new plane beyond the Void (it felt like that). I was seeing that in the plane:

I was feeling this plane like the Duality plane. I was experiencing and seing things like yin/yang, man/woman, life/death, etc..).

Then after that I was beyond this plane, in a plane of Nothing/Nothingness/Emptyness. It was dark, but not like the totem’s one, neither like the Void’s one.

After that I was shooted out/throwed back at great speed, by bringing back with me all of what was needed to be integrated/merged from these realms/planes into my superbrain.

Next, I have done a lot of healing and integration:

To note: the moment I integrated the Ark (GaÏa) in me, I was able to hear Gaïa talking (giving commands) and able to ask Gaïa for commands to use to accelerate some process and healing. 

Most of them were not complete words, so I was checking which strings of RNAs was responsible for not hearing properly this specific Gaïa command and healed the gene with Creator light on it. Then after that I was able to hear properly the Gaïa commands.

The superbrain’s membrane was porous and attacked by biochemical substance. So I healed the genes who were responsible for the creation of a certain type of molecule/protein for the superbrain membrane with a Gaïa command.

This allowed to repairs the superbrain membrane. 

Then I was feeling attacked by a parasite, there was with that a feeling and a view of slimy fluid, and the parasite had made a hole in the superbrain second membrane. I used two Gaïa command to heal it.

To heal the hole I used an other Gaïa command to heal it.

After this I experienced death/darkness/blood inside of me me. I used an other Gaïa command to heal it.

Now the second membrane was healed and the bio-chemical substance didn’t have any negative effects on it anymore.

Also in the superbrain, there was a grey dusty substance who was recovering 3/4 of the inside.

I healed it with some Creator imagination and the Hu singing.

At the end I was feeling a lot of various animals/Life inside me (the superbrain).

A gold layer recovering the interior of the superbrain.

A feeling of my superbrain and physical being like a temple/sacred, I was seeing a lot of golden objects and clothes, and I was seeing something placing on my head/top a gold crown with jewelry on it.

In the superbrain : an inside feeling of all this dark matter/this Void plane (which is more than just dark matter, it’s infinite possibilities).

Feeling the totem pole in me.

Feeling the ocean in me aswell.

Since this experience I feel my whole body is being filled with the Void in term of sensation and visual. The same when I close my eyes.

I have tried to use this new state.

But I don’t know that much how.

Also, when I was a passenger in a car driving through the forest, river and mountains, I experienced a feeling of love/gratitude for everything. I was feeling them all, feeling the life in them, feeling their breathing. 

Since I can communicate with trees and else.

Also when in car, I was seeing a bird flying in the sky, and the next second I was the bird. I was seeing from it. I was seeing the car I was in and the others cars behind me (that I didn’t see in my car, before being the bird).


Questions :

What is this? :

  • Duality plane
  • Black space far away from big bang and the Void
Which developmental event is it?

How do you use/create with the Void?

thank you


  • The first time the Noah's Ark (Gaia) has merged with me, I asked how would it be for a better integration/merging of Gaia in me?, and then Gaia entered inside of me (superbrain) as a throbbing golden light. And stayed like that.

    (I didn't find a way to edit my post again).
  • Hi Julien,

    It sounds like you had an extraordinary experience and perhaps you could directly contact Grant?

    Are these states stable in your case?
  • Sorry for the delay, I was so busy.

    After my training in Trauma Therapy with Grant and Shayne two weeks ago.
    Grant made me understood that the Void was not a real peak state (in the developmental event way to obtain it). 
    And also that this experience was not a developmental event... but something less nice...
    I can't talk about it here, only on the students/therapist section. :)

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