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Beauty way and enlightenment

I wondered if beauty way and enlightenment / self realisation were the same or similar? 


  • Hello Gilli,
    Well it depends on how you define "enlightenment" and "self realisation".

    Judging from the number of gurus who claims to have "true enlightenment" and describe very different experiences, I guess there is no consensus on the question. Therefore the question has to be reframed into "what peak state is this person into" and what are the characteristics and differences of various states.

    There is some informations on it in Vol. 2 of Peak States of Consciousness book.

    That being said, the Beauty Way is certainly what many people consider enlightenment. But at the same time, people who are naturally born into that state might not consider it anything special, and might be looking for "something more".

    For example, the I Am state (feeling of fundamental existence or being the universe) and the Self-Neutralization state (not having an "ego" anymore) are good candidates for being considered enlightenment.

    Incidentally, the word itself probably comes from an experience of inner light. Several states can give this, most notably the Creator Light / Awareness state that, for some people, would be the upmost spiritual state. However, from what our model suggest, it is quite an intermediary state (not a minor one like Inner Peace, not a major one like I Am).

    Does that make sense to you ?

    Personnaly, I would define the goal as having all peak states at once.
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