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WHH, EFT, RPT and other therapies and heart health

Hello, I was wondering if there are any opinions, studies, personal experiences on the effect on heart health, heart rhythm and circulation health and working on traumas with different therapies that make one re-experience partly or completely trauma. I am having some concerns about how feeling and experiencing all these emotions and instincts can alter the fight/flight mechanism adrenaline cortisol and heart health and I wanted an experiences opinion on this, especially if this healing is on an ongoing basis not just a session a month or so
Thank you
Antonella Ercolani


  • Hello Antonella,
    My personnal opinions is that it is all ok to re-experience trauma if you feel safe while you do it, it won't have much more impact on hearth health than doing short intense efforts, like climbing stairs.

    It is a different story if you would be re-traumatized, but I suppose it is never the case. Then the new peace you get from not having the trauma anymore in your life is well worth it, I believe.

    That being said, it is just what I feel, I have no rational for it.
  • Thank you so much Gaetan.
    How does one feel safe every time  while re experiencing trauma? Sometimes i feel traumatized while working on something like I feel that I need to do a session to clear the trauma of having experienced all the emotions and stuff in the session.... Maybe I am too sensitive or I go in with too much fear?
    The biggest one that comes to mind and that I can still remember clearly: in an EFT session more than 10 years ago when mid tapping (with a practitioner) my throat got closed up I couldn't breathe and I  started choking and coughing for 5 minutes it was so unexpected and frightening it was beyond horrible. With WHH and RPT the going in feeling around feeling instincts and re experiencing is tough.  With WHH the love part helps a bit, and with RPT the not having to dwell on the feelings for as long helps a bit. Both have their good and bad points when it comes to the risk of taxing the body mind and risk of re traumatizing in my personal subjective experience.
    My third question would be this: Is there a way, since traumas are physical structures to clear the issues without going inside the trauma and re experiencing it at all? Has it been looked into and discarded or developing?

    Thank you very much for any insights and help
  • Hi Antonella,
    Well, I've had the experience before of feeling frightened by the traumas I had to face. This doesn't happen anymore, but I'm not sure why. I think that's because I already experienced such horrible things, and got through them, I'm a bit more "immune".

    The most frightening experiences were about dealing with evil parasites (amoeba & bugs mainly). The evil and feeling I could be destroyed was overwhelming. Healing these gave me a bit more confidence.

    A while after, as I went deeper into my healing journey, I encountered 'suffocation trauma'. I thinks that's what you describe from your EFT session 10 years ago. That's horrible !!! However, the more you heal them, the better it gets. You learn to go through them, feeling the suffocation just enough to heal it (generationnals, yes !). The first time, I think I would die or hurt myself physically or something bad. Now, I notice it, I take a deep breath, decide to go into it, and give 100% of myself to heal it. It usually takes a few minutes, whereas the first one took over an hour.

    Same thing for death trauma (a level above) and annihilation traumas (yet another level above !). These are horribles, but once you healed one, you realize "I can do it !". Then you heal 5 more, and you go "I'm getting good at that", until 10 more later you say to yourself "It's getting (almost) easy !". That's until you reach the next level of course... there is always more difficult experiences to face and go through. But after 5 years, my abilities expanded a lot.

    So, this is still the WHH approach : go into the feeling and whole-heartedly accept it. So, I have nothing for you than "tears, sweat and blood" ! But we have more courage and recovering ability than we think :-)
    Actualy, we all have the innate ability to blast all these traumas and break through. We just forgot that.

    Anyway, a few tips :
     - I'm doing exchange sessions with other therapists regularly. That goes a loooooooong way in helping me. When I don't feel safe, my comapnion holds the space for me and make me feel safe. Honestly, the path is so much more difficult if you do it alone. So, find someone who doesn't have the same traumas than you, and work in a team. Or hire a therapist.
     - A few traumas/beliefs makes it more difficult to heal yourself. For instance, I had a "healing is slow" trauma. I couldn't feel it for the first 4 years of my practice of WHH. Since I healed it several months ago, I go MUCH faster. Sometimes 20 seconds is all is takes to heal a generationnal ! Tremendous progress for me.
     - I used to not be able to work on myself in the beginning. The first 2-3 years, I was often stuck. Luckily, I used to do about 2 exchange sessions a week with another therapist. Now I work on myself almost everyday. I don't remember what made me shift.
    So, you can look in yourself into the traumas-beliefs that says "healing is difficult/slow/torturous/frightening/whatever...". In Subcellular Psychobiology Diagnostic Handbook, there is a nice section on things you should heal on page 279. Trust me, you can revisit this chapter every 6 months or so, you will find new things to heal.

    You can also do healing around "feeling safe", there are probably some stuff there. Any childhood traumas ? :-)

    And finally, for your third question, there are some therapies that work on 'dissociated' feelings. WHH is not one of them, it is an 'associated' technique. EFT can work (tearless trauma technique, safelock, ...) but In my experience that doesn't go as profoundly as WHH. But eh, I don't work that way anymore.

    Does that help you ?

  • Wow, thank you so much for sharing, it does help, and I thought the suffocation was bad...I think it was suffocation trauma, or an abreaction what I experienced, I couldn't continue to speak the tapping statement and my throat closed physically, and coughing until I was red in the face and tears. What did you feel in the annihilation and death traumas?
    I'd love to be prepared if it happens lol, although it's great to know that it can get easier!

    Somehow I hadn't noticed that small chapter in the book, thank yo so much I need to work through those beliefs, finding the traumas that spawned them.
    Safety traumas? Me? Lol, thousands I guess...

    As for my third question, yes, I meant if there was a method researched that worked in a disassociated state, but in a more permanent way than most of EFT. What I meant is that since we know that the traumas are physical structures in the primary cell, can't a way be devised to find and clear the structure without having to go into the trauma string "beads" themselves, so with no need to re experience the trauma. I don't know what can do that right now (a technique or a machine maybe? any thoughts?) but I feel like that could be the next leap, it could clear trauma painlessly.

    Thank you again
  • Hello !

    Death and annihilation traumas feel like they sound : terrible !
    It is unlikely that you would encounter them unless you look for them or are doing research. But probably everyone has them. Tough !

    Re, dissociated technique, I guess that's an approach we abandonned many years ago. And I suppose there are A LOT of techniques working this way that actually damage the primary cell. Like NLP, theta healing, ... Not good.

    To date the best technique I know is healing generationnals traumas, or rapidWHH for biographical. You get right at the root, where the damaged histone is. No need to re-experience a bad story, though you still have to feel the trauma completely.

    One of the goal of the institute is to find a way to heal all traumas strings in one go. I think they call it "All traumas state". So, it is on its way...

  • Thank you, all traumas in one go would be wow!! But it probably would trigger many homeostasis issues, both physical and emotional? I am aware of the Theta issue, bypass, they can create the trauma bypass. So it seems no techniques that can clear from the outside, but thinking about a machine what about something along the lines of vibrations, frequencies, if one knew the vibration and frequency of specific emotions and target the , with a machine like a radionic one maybe it can dissolve the root trauma without having to re-experience it? The targeting may be an issue, just juggling ideas around
  • Yes, homeostasis is a problem. So instead of doing trauma healing, the core research is about eliminating all 3 types of parasites, which are the ultimate reason why traumas exist in the first place.
  • edited September 2018
    I've rarely heard of anyone having new trauma from healing, though it can bring some to the surface.  With normal EFT, I have experienced people experiencing emotions and having physical results, like crying, sometimes heavily.  Nothing emergency-like, and felt good afterwards, but it's not really easy for everyone, especially if they are buriers/ afraid to express emotion. 

    Some ways that might be less traumatic are Yuen Method, kinesiology (applied kinesiology, etc.), BodyTalk, Inner Influencing, and someone really good at EFT who can do it silently and without the physical tapping.  (I don't know, maybe the PSI has found something not good about any of them?)  When I do super-EFT, the hardest part for the client is to write down their problem and a SUDS unit; most can get it without too much emotional release.  When it releases, most express very little to no emotion. 

    You could try radionics, too (you can make a paper machine yourself that seems to work quite well--from online).  For input, you might even just try writing "frequency of [emotion]" or something like that. 

    Yes, it would be nice to be able to dissolve every trauma string or have the cell wall spit them out or such.  :)
  • Hi David, BodyTalk is great, I have used it for many years and I can attest that it works in experienced hands and not as a bypass, and in Parama BT we do work with "threads" of traumas (I guess already back in 2002 intuition had led Veltheim to see threads of trauma with the same emotion, even physical) but even there they are worked on with various BodyTalk releasing techniques, they are not in a "physical/mechanical way", and sometimes although not always this can lead to waking up in the middle of the night with some strong emotion or dream as these formulas usually run at night. It's gentler though.
    I am familiar with EFT but what is super EFT? I have tried looking it up.
    I should look at "paper machines". Any good references on this subject? Aside from a couple of radionic schematis for protections and such I was not aware of them, just of the physical machines that are too expensive for me like the e-lybra
    Thank you very much!

  • Super EFT is something I personally put together--it's the best parts of EFT, programmed into a process and code word, then other good methods added into that (duality release, Yuen Method, Inner Influencing, etc.). It's silent, non-touch, and goes very quickly. For example, a client had 9 problems (SUDS 10, 10, 10, 8, 7, 7, 6, 6, 3), and they were all 0 in less than an hour, with no apparent emotions. Except about 30 min later, when there was excitement. (I helped/help mostly women, often in sight and maybe hearing of others--I didn't want to be touching them, saying things out loud that might be overheard, or have to take the time to teach them, or freak anyone out too much, and didn't want them/us looking weird all the time. I also do it over the phone, so I needed something that worked well with that, too.) I don't doubt that there are others out there (EFT practitioners) who do something similar.

    I searched "paper radionics machine instructables" and some decent links came up. Use one with a very simple design--you can draw it out in two-three minutes, tops. Keep the input box blank, then drop your piece of paper with the current emotion/whatever in it.  (I can't find it on my computer anymore...)
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