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Peak State Lyme Disease (and other tick-born diseases) healing results

Hi All,
I did the LD healing, but it didn't work so well for me.  Perhaps the exception to the rule could be helpful. 
I found a few things why, though it could be possible that there is one-a few core reasons, and the rest "just made it harder", so to say. 
This is from "muscle testing", but parts were separately confirmed by two MTers. 

My first results were off, as I asked, "Do I have LD?" and the answer was no, so I figured I had been misdiagnosed.  Later, thinking on it, I asked these questions: 

Did I have Lyme disease (in the past)? Y

If Y:  Did LD go away/ gotten rid of?  Y

If Y:  Did it change form/ "disease"?  N

Do I have the two other infections said?  Y

Are there others?   N

HPU/KPU a major part/cause of the "LD symptoms"?  Y

E/R major part/ cause of the "LD symptoms"?  Y

Do I have HPU/KPU anymore?  N


[Why Lyme healing failed?]

Does D have chronic Lyme?  N (wanted to double-check)

Should it have worked for what I had?  Y  for what I have?  Y

Generally, was failure particular to Lyme (vs. a failure/block to healing in general)?  Y

Which listed factors necessary to its failure? 

  1. use D’s chart

  2. brain inflammation

  3. other brain problem not listed here

  4. pineal gland has problems

  5. pituitary gland not activated/ missing something  YES

  6. need ayahuasca first

  7. pituitary gland has problems  YES

  8. pituitary gland not activated/ missing something YES

  9. tribal block

  10. fungal interference/ sabotage  YES (not sure if in PC or if candida)

  11. bacterial interference/ sabotage

  12. problem with chakra  YES

  13. problem with meridian (If Y: from hernia surgery? Y N )

  14. scar problem

  15. hpu/ kpu/ not enough minerals/vitamins/etc.- related problem  YES

  16. physical interference 

  17. pre-natal developmental problem

  18. developmental stage(s) missing

  19. missing a necessary peak state

  20. not healing related/connected pre- or post-trauma(s)  YES

  21. unresolved earlier trauma(s)  YES

  22. later trauma, at birth

  23. unusual phenomena  YES

  24. symbiotic relationship

  25. secondary gain

  26. able to use as an excuse

  27. psychological reversal

  28. self-sabotage

  29. fight/flight/frozen

  30. sabotage (from outside, like W’sC, “alien”, military, cult brain control, programming)

  31. miasm (psora?)

  32. similar to miasm, but more core central/ deeper/ more primal

  33. heart wall

  34. hidden emotions/ trauma (perhaps too big to confront and/or survive)  YES

  35. panic/disorientation  YES

  36. protection” against evil (block out evil, not let it in)

  37. didn’t find right trauma

  38. found right trauma, but it wasn’t cleared  YES

  39. found right trauma, and cleared, but not for ancestors

  40. another non-related “big issue”: 1.of the day; 2. “always there”

  41. authority and power oppresses us completely/ overwhelms us/ “slave problem”  YES

  42. inability to regress well; can be healed: Y    YES

  43. imagination problems

  44. problem seeing present condition in present time only

  45. problem seeing

  46. breathing problem

  47. my personal trauma(s)

  48. missing/ not enough vitamin  YES

  49. missing/ not enough mineral  YES

  50. shot (vaccine) interference

  51. toxin(s)

  52. tongue-tie

  53. teeth: filling material interference

  54. teeth: position

  55. gum infection

  56. other (known)

  57. other (unknown to PSI)


When did LD become m-o-l inconsequential (date)? 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018  =2017

Had ehrlichiosis/rickettsia started to leave before starting recent specific energy healing for them?  YES 

If Y: same time as LD? No

What % was the PS LD healing successful, at one point? (probably high, 70-99%)  84%

What % held? (probably low, 0-30%)  26%

When did HPU/KPU become m-o-l inconsequential? 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018  =2017

Along with LD, there were two other tick-borne bacterial infections, rickettsia and ehrlichiosis; and candida.  While the healing was for LD, it should have worked for rickettsia and ehrlichiosis, too. 
Many of the symptoms were due not just to LD, but to all three of these bacteria, plus HPU/KPU (big loss of vitamins and minerals), and possibly candida.  It might be helpful to check for other limiting factors. 
It seems possible that certain vitamins and minerals are needed for the Peak States LD healing.  While HPU/KPU had been overcome in 2017, there seems to still be a lot of "making up" the loss of vitamins and minerals from over the years.  Maybe a lack of v/m had to do with the pituitary gland problem. 
The trauma-related questions were interesting in what was (YES) vs. what wasn't (NO). 
I will check more in-depth for a few more parts. 

Any suggestions on other things to ask? 


  • Is it a core issue preventing me to fully heal it?
    Is it a structural problem6
    Do I have a (second) gain to keep it not fully healed?

  • edited December 2018

    I did have all the subcellular psychology problems checked, and interestingly, nothing came up there.

    I should check which of the problems is primary; perhaps some were secondary or too small on their own to stop it, but one or more stopped the healing.

    I did see Grant's "eliminating pain completely" EFT write-up, and have considered if that would help with the trauma.

    I'll ask about regression imagery on another thread. 
  • edited January 2019

    A few more insights:


    Is regression problem due mainly to: pituitary/ nutrients? Y N    trauma? Y N

    Was fungal interference/ sabotage from candida fungus? Y N

    If Y: need to know which chakra? Y N

    If Y: which chakra? 4, 5, 7, 1, 2, 3, 6

    Was “unusual phenomena” a “stuck thought form”? Y N

    Do I have a CoA that is detectable and can be pinpointed? Y N

    Is my CoA usually 1st person, 2nd/3rd person, or other?

    Where is my CoA usually: head, below belly button


    At least some of my problems with regression were(/are) due to a problem with my pituitary gland and lacking nutrient(s) of some kind. 

    A candida fungus interfered with the peak state process succeeding; the 2nd chakra also interfered. 
    While everyone might have a CoA, as with mine, they might not be able to feel/ detect it, as with me.  CoA being seen as from outside, not felt in "me", might have something to do with it.  This suggests it might be due to trauma. 

  • Any suggestions on feeling CoA, making it 1st person? 
  • I just recently found out that 'LD healing' wouldn't get rid of bacteria (Ehrlichiosis) and virus (Eptstein-Barr virus) infections I had. 
    The Epstein-Barr virus was another thing that inhibited success with 'LD healing'. 
    EBV also inhibits at the least most peak states from succeeding, at least for me.  (I don't know if that is just personal or also for others.) 
  • Hello David,
    Well it is possible that diseases make peak states work more difficult, but I would bet it is because an other underlying condition in the primary cell which is also the cause for the disease.
    For example, I have the Epstein-Barr virus but that does not stop me from making progress with peak states.
    Sometimes we search for reasons why things are not working at the wrong place. That's why it is hard to figure it out.

  • BodyTalk has had excellent results with Epstein Barr, it was actually the first thing that was healed in the 90s by what has become BodyTalk. The founder John Veltheim had it and nothing was helping. You can read more about it here

  • Gaetan, I think that is very possible.  Some of the other diseases didn't/ wouldn't cause that problem, so it seemed like EBV was a little different in some way, or affected the primary cell differently. 
    If you have worked on EBV directly, or as part of LD healing, and can share, how has it gone?  This has been the worst/ most debilitating of all the chronic infections I've had (including imitating LD symptoms, which often imitate other diseases' symptoms). 

    Antonella, that is amazing.  I've had lots of diseases that have healed, but it usually takes the typical rate of '1 month healing : 1 year of infection.'  (I've had mixed results with BT, but it did help tremendously with a family member's problems once.) 
  • Does anyone know if the Lyme Disease healing protocol also granted, or at least improved, immunity to other/ all viruses (and bacteria)?

  • No from what I've heard (haven't done it myself) the Lyme's process only heals Lyme's and has no other effect.

    In general, it seems that viruses are opportunistic and secondary to a bacterial infection, as in covid-19. But not always maybe...
  • Ok, thanks.  I remember there had been talk about the Lyme healing protocol maybe having that as a "side effect" so was just checking up on it.  
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