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Candida healing it?

I would like to know if someone has already healed it?
Applying the primary cell/peak states model to it.

Would it be to heal the BA of craving sugar (Candida create the sugar craving to accomodate his ownd environment I guess) ?

Do you have any idea how can I heal it?

I succeed once, when I did psilocybin with the intention to heal it.
But 1-2 month later the craving of sugar came back then the Candida too... so maybe it was never really dully eliminated from my system?

I read somewhere on the forum that Candida is ssociated with asphyxia/can't breath trauma or else?


  • That would be a great thing to have.  I know lots of people suffer for years, treatment is difficult, and it's hard to get rid of. 
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