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CoA position and extrasystoles

I have noticed that my CoA is usually in the area at the brainstem/start of the throat level and I have extrasystole issues (usually at rest as seen from a cardiologist) as well as a generalized state of anxiety. Experimenting with the CoA position I have noticed that when I move it more to in the limbic and cortexes and prefrontal I have no extrasystole issues, my heartbeat is normal, and I also feel more generally calm and silent inside, serene, even though it takes a bit of strain to keep my CoA there and when I don't focus on it it easily goes back after minutes to half an hour
How can I keep y CoA in the limbic or cortexes without effort if it solves my issues? Why do I have extrasystole when the CoA is in the brainstem? How can I solve this issue?
Thank you so much


  • Hi Antonnella,
    I don't have any sure answer, as I haven't seen this before. But you can try a few things :
    1) Locate the anxiety and use generationnal trauma healing on it. It might be coming from the spine brain, so a discussion with him might help.
    2) There might be traumas that prevent your CoA to maintain itself in the cortex. If you feel that it is an "effort", then this might indicate you can heal it. Focus on this effort, accept the tension, and it might eventually lead to an emotion / stuck belief.
    3) Use the Courteau projection technique on the spine brain and mind brain and eventually the heart. There might be a brain conflict going on here.
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    Thank you so much, I tried some trauma healing today and the CoA could rise with less effort, but I sense it can be a mix of all three issues, since the physical issue doesn't change until the CoA is higher than that
  • Alright, well you can keep exploring projections on these brains and see what happens. Good luck, and keep us posted !
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    Yes and maybe it can be a column of self problem, if you feel dread or annhilation when moving fully your COA in the center axis of your body at your throat level.
  • Not at the conscious level at least Julien, consciously it's feels just the normal position for me
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