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A develop. event : lack of patience in the brains

Two weeks ago I discovered and healed a developmental event. It is probably not a very important event, but I just wanted to document it here.

The presenting symptoms I had was feeling a huge lack in my life, and having to wait for something to happen from outside and fill my life, with a lot of frustration and nervousness. It was not a casual feeling, but a deep structural one.

Lorenza had me regress on the feeling and there was 3 significant episodes :
 - At birth : waiting for something to happen, maintained in a state of waiting.
 - The egg arrive at the place it will wait at until ovulation ( / spermatogenesis for the sperm) but traumatic feeling of being held in place, like a grip on my sides, or like I'm being placed in a little dock. The feeling is that I will wait here a (long ?) undetermined time, with a feeling of restlesness, impatience, and emptiness. I don't know how long the egg/sperm has to wait there, but it felt like it would be years/decades.
 - the core event is happening in an individual brain. There is a place where the brain is held in place by grips on its side, which feels traumatic, and there is a terrible feeling of emptiness/lack and waiting for something outside to fill me in. The top of the brain is open in an awful sensation of being desperately open and trying to catch something outside. It is possible to stay at this level and heal the brain's trauma. However, while healing it I was pulled as the sacred block deep in the core of the brain. The block had a feeling of lack. Healing it quickly eliminated the trauma in the brain, and made it seal at the top, and waiting is no longer frustrating.

The event is the same for all brains. I've healed all 7 brains on the egg side this way, and 3 brains on the male side (don't remember which ones) and it was enough to heal me from the trouble I had.
Nothing else special I noticed with healing this event. I wonder if the block's lack is from CoA holes, in which case my trouble was probably triggered by testing the new processes.
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