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Info on modality and peak states

I've come across this modality, Vortex Healing, and I was wondering if anyone has any experience with it, or can understand whether it causes specific peak states, it seems from the descriptions and videos that it causes a lot of them. If one has experience with it or has looked into what happens in the primary cell of someone who has done this,if it's a health state or shutdown state etc, it would be interesting to know
Thank you


  • Do you talk about the subcellular case of Vortex that create dizziness and a vortex sensation?
    If yes, there is no link with peak states :)
  • Hi Julien, no, not at all, from what I know Vortex Healing is called like this because of a vortex like wheel channelled into the heart center
    As far as peak states, as an example an excerpt from the book Vortex Healing Divine Energy Healing by Ric A. Weinman (he has also written another book specifically about his awakening and "losing his core veil")

    As one student wrote after this awakening: When looking inside my heart I thought ‘something is missing’. Something that had been there didn’t seem to be anymore. I started to experience a new kind of well-being and peace in my heart that hadn’t been there before. People have all kinds of experiences that they like to think are awakenings, but most aren’t.
    Most of those experiences are just expanded ego states, and most of the rest are simply a momentary taste of something deeper, and then the moment passes. Even when someone has the lovely experience of having merged with all of creation, that is an expanded ego state. A separate someone is needed for the experience of merging. There is nothing wrong with this kind of experience—it’s one of the most satisfying experiences a self can have—it’s just not awakening. Before my own awakening, I had a series of “samadhi” experiences, which are usually defined as states of transcendent bliss.

    At the time, I thought this must be what awakening is, but every time I went into this kind of bliss, it only lasted for a few moments. Then I came back to my familiar egoic reality. I asked a spiritual teacher, named Papaji (H.W.L. Poonja), why I couldn’t stay in that transcendent bliss state. He said to me, “For every going, there is a return.” In true awakening there is nowhere to go; you are simply here. If you have gone into some state, then at some point you are going to return. That isn’t true awakening.
    Being awake is being here and now, but free of the identity of separate self. Rather than feeling expanded or transcended, the overriding quality of the basic awakening movement is most aligned with the words ‘empty’ and ‘peaceful’, in the sense that it feels empty of a familiar egoic sense of self, and this creates a sense of being at peace. When this is true awakening and not just a taste, then the experience will be permanent. If basic awakening is losing this sense of ‘I’, then what is this ‘I’ and where does it come from? It comes from Divinity creating an experience for itself in which it forgets its wholeness and enters a state in which it knows itself as an individual, personal self. At first, this egoic self is like a tiny seed, only existing in higher dimensions, and then it is ‘grown’ into lower dimensions and densified, until the incarnational self is created. (A more detailed, step-by-step explanation can be found in my book, Awakening Through the Veils.)
    From there, the sense of self grows more identities, accumulating karma knots and eons of experiences and conditioning, digging itself deeper into the experience of separateness, getting lost in struggle and suffering. However, no matter how deeply into separateness you go, this sense of separate self, of ‘I’, is ultimately just an experience that your own deepest nature is having. Ultimately, the awareness within the egoic self is divine awareness; it is just ‘veiled’ within the multi-dimensional maze of identities that it has created for itself.

    Awakening is the loss of the sense of separate self, but it is not the loss of what you are. Awakening is the shedding of false identity, the shedding of what veils you from your true nature, until all that is left is what you have always been. Although some traditions teach that ‘I’ is just a thought or concept, it is clearly something more fundamental. For divine awareness to veil itself from itself, to become ‘I’, something more substantial than a thought is needed, or the false sense of ‘I’ would too easily break down. To hold the sense of ‘I’ in place, a construct is created in consciousness that creates a localized sense of self and veils us from our true nature. That veil sits in the center of our heart, which is why our core sense of ‘I’ is experienced there. I call this veil our “Core Veil”.

    In basic awakening you awaken out of this illusory sense of ‘I’ created by your Core Veil, and your Core Veil breaks down. To lose your Core Veil—to awaken out of it—a ripening process must first occur. One part of that process, for instance, is losing all of your karma knots. Once the Core Veil breaks down, the particular I-sense and identity it has created disappears with it. This can bring in a deep sense of peace and natural beingness, free of the egoic sense of ‘I’, making it seem as if everything has changed. Yet the awakening doesn’t eliminate the old mental and emotional conditioning (even if there is now no sense of ‘I’ inside of it). The Core Veil is not a package of conditioning but rather the original seed for it.

    Releasing the Core Veil does not eliminate what has grown from it, but rather changes your relationship to it all, for it is no longer yours. Whatever issues and conditioning you had going into awakening, whatever thinking patterns and attitudes you had, will be there on the other side of awakening. So the experience after awakening can also seem to be that everything is still the same. This is the paradox of basic awakening: everything changes and yet everything remains the same. You inhabit the same package of conditioning, but your relationship to all of it has changed. The emotional reactions you always had to particular situations still arise, but they no longer grab you in the same way because there is more inner space now, more freedom, and the fundamental sense of what you are, even in the midst of these reactions, has changed. This typically creates confusion, at the very least. And with the old conditioning arising but no longer experienced as ‘mine’, the confusion can seem overwhelming at first. Yet for different individuals, there can be a wide range of initial responses. There can be fear, or loss, or disorientation. There can be laughter at the absurdity of having believed that this ‘I’ was you. There can be a sense of relaxed beingness arising from the awakeness. Sometimes it is all of these, sequentially or even simultaneously. This is not what we expect from our spiritual fantasy of what awakening will be like, but awakening is never what we expect. The confusion only lasts for a time, though. The deeper sense of peace eventually sorts it out, making it possible to give up the egoic survival struggle and all the suffering that came with it. It becomes possible to let go of your maze of false identities and rest in what you are, instead of always needing to become something, to define yourself. Awakening ends your old journey of someone trying to get somewhere, and a new one begins: a journey of opening to oneness, of inner being unfolding itself to itself. Yet this new journey still happens through the experience of humanness.

  • That description matches several key peak states and developmental events that the institute is trying to reach, it seems.
  • Yes, except the Samadhi state that is a dysfunctional state ("It's a dysfunctional state caused by body-heart shutdown of the triune brains.")
  • Yeah though everyone use that word for describing a concept and not an actual experience that may or may not be the same as other's.
  • edited October 2019
    I've begun to read the other book as well, "awakening through the veils", Along with the description above of beingness, of still having the baggage but not relating to it it seems there is also still a kind of sense of I or CoA I guess in the head, but when the I in the head tries to go to the heart it dissolves and it can't go there. I have no idea what peak state or states this could relate to or what changes one could see at the primary cell level

    from the book: "But the I-in-the-head couldn’t get into the heart. Whenever awareness dropped into that heart-space, the I-in-the-head would simply disappear. There was no room in that heart-space for an I. It was a no-I zone. Awakening had created that, but the I-in-the-head just couldn’t understand what was happening. It kept trying to enter the space to figure it out, but it kept disappearing whenever awareness moved into the space, reappearing in the head a few moments later, wondering what had happened. And it had no idea! Not a clue! It had no way to understand what was happening in that awakened space. It had concepts of course, but it knew that those were just abstract ideas about something it couldn’t touch. To make matters worse, it would also judge itself for its failure and for being so stuck in its head—as if the I-in-the-head could be anywhere else. In spite of the I-in-the-head’s ignorance, a new sense of natural beingness and spaciousness emanated from the heart-space. And something was both experiencing and even enjoying that. The body liked the feeling of it and the beingness that was my truer nature was enjoying its experience of itself. But the I-in-the-head could only conceptualize. I felt split, as there were two existences going on simultaneously. One was the I-in-the-head, which included whatever emotional stuff was arising, and one was the new, awake heart-space. In spite of my efforts and meditations, this managed to continue unchanged for at least a year."

    Weinman, Ric. Awakening through the Veils: A Seeker's Guide (p. 33). BalboaPress. Kindle Edition.

  • Antonella, about using seeing the primary cell to figure out what was happening/ changing in the primary cell to know what to change...  As the Institute has said, the vastness of the primary cell makes it very difficult to see anything--something like trying to use a live Google map to look for a cat in a city. 

    I would use "muscle testing"/ ART (highly accurate muscle testing) to check where to look/ watch, then see if it were true.  If after many experiences and ways it just wasn't helpful, I'd note it, and move on.  However, imagine if using ART could narrow it down to "map coordinates" or even what part is changing; or at least, what isn't changing/ where not to look.  If you were told, "The cat is on such and such a road", or "The cat is in a park", "The cat isn't downtown", etc., I think that would definitely be worth a moment or two of using ART.  You could check for where it might be, what part is changing, how it is changing, etc. 

    As I wrote in my PS try, I know it's been helpful in knowing why the PS didn't happen, that the technique was good and should have worked except for those problems, etc.  To me, a very powerful tool. 
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