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Have you had any success or tips on treating gallstones with trauma therapy? I thought about anger and resentment at first but I have worked on several anger resentment issues but it didn't seem to make any difference on the stones or biliary mud. Thank you


  • Hi Antonella,
       Speaking just for myself, I don't know any psycho-biology treatments for gallstones.
       However, there is a very effective physical method that gets rid of them quite easily. This is in contrast to the normal medical treatment that removes the gall bladder with surgery. The technique involves drinking a lot of apple juice for six days. There is maltic acid in the juice which causes the gallstones to get soft, like gelatin. On the sixth evening, you drink Epsom salts to clear the bowels, followed by olive oil with a lemon juice chaser. This causes your gall bladder to contract and expel the stones, with a little help with a body position and belly massage as it is happening. You should go online and get the specific steps if you are interested.
        I tried it years ago, and was quite surprised that it not only worked, but about a hundred stones came right out! They were the most lovely emerald color, too. I can also add that the contraction of the gall bladder was a sensation that I'd never felt before in my life!
        There was a warning in the writeup I had. If a stone gets stuck in the duct, you're going to get into a lot of pain, which may require surgery. The author noted that this was the normal procedure for gall stones anyway, so... When I read this, I drank a lot more apple juice each day to be sure they really got softened up.
       All my best,
  • Thank you Grant, I have read that somewhere, I am considering trying it, for now I am taking this ursodessossilic (I think it's this the name...) acid.
    I am surprised there isn't a way to get rid of them in a psychobiological way, let's say.
    The body has the proven ability to create all kinds of substances according to the needs, for instance the acid that is supplemented to clear the biliary mud and small stones, it's all metabolism in the end, controlled by consciousness, awareness or lack of. Advanced Qi masters can shrink and destroy cancers even. That is why I was asking about the organs in the primary cell as well, if they can be seen and healed at the microscopic level they can be healed at the macroscopic level. As above so below
  • Hi Antonella and Grant
    Antonella I know you were aiming for more than a physical treatment but I found a good source of the kind of treatment that Grant was describing.  It's a liver and gall bladder flush from Mantak Chia, the taoist master, and here is a link  Mantak's got a book on detox and clearing techniques for many organs. 
    Best wishes

  • Yes, but be careful about the others treatment of Matak Chia:
  • Yes it’s really tricky (an understatement) when you look to the “fringe” for answers.
  • Sorry... I appreciate your point you're making
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