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Obvious question in these times: Psychobiological Immunity?

Hello, in these surreal times, of course I was wondering about the technique to make people immune from one virus or all viruses mentioned in the Institute news and in the books, what therapists offer it or ill it be released publicly?
Thank you very much


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    Hi, we'll be talking about the area of viral psycho-immunology at the upcoming (free) Institute symposium April 4-6, 2020. See our website for details, schedule of talks, and Zoom connection information: If you would like to be a presenter, contact Grant (at) peakstates dot com as soon as possible.

    We had not planned on researching viruses till fall 2020, as our schedule was full with autism and other diseases; but due to the coronavirus, we put other projects on hold and are now working hard to solve the underlying biological issues involving viruses as fast as possible. BUT original research takes time - we'll present what we have so far at the conference.
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    Thank you so much!!! Will it be available to all even if we can't present anything and will the zoom info be posted soon?
    So there isn't a treatment yet for viruses that's being used? Thank you again so much!

  • Yes the conference, will be available to the public not just for the presenters.
    And no there is no treatment released for viruses yet.
    Like Grant said they have just started researching on the subject of viruses and trying to find ways to heal them/make people immnue to it. :)
  • Hi,
    Well we did find a way to make people immune to a particular virus several years ago. We call it "the viral net" as it looks like a net in the primary cell.
    Originally, this effort was done because this virus creates problem in organisation where people want to sabotage things and create their own organisation and it creates a lot of drama. So it looks like we can get rid of viruses. However, that was just a one shot, and immunity to all viruses woul be much much harder to achieve.
    But listen to the conference happening this weekend, there will be a talk on coronavirus :)
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