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Unconditional Love

A question came to mind yesterday: Unconditional love dissolves the trauma in the primary cell and I've read it's the universal solvent in one of the books, but as far as a substance or a protein or a chemical do you know what specific substance corresponds to unconditional love that actually gets triggered that clears the physical side of the trauma in the cell?
thank you


  • edited July 2020
    For example the subcellular case of a Copy (that can contain any emotion, sensation and else):
    using unconditional love to dissolve the Copy attachment to a trauma string will heal the Copy by detaching it and will be eliminated by the cell. But love is not healing the trauma string where the Copy was attached to.

    Also unconditional love put you in a state of acceptance that allows the healing to occur quicker.

    So unconditional love has an indirect effect on healing trauma quickly, but it's not doing the 'healing' in itself, its just helping it. :)

    For the chemical component of Love, no idea if we know it. 
    I will let my colleague answer that if they know.
  • Thank you for the clarification Julien, I have to re read the books, it's been a couple of years and I remembered wrong that love was also clearing the traumas!
    The question is similar: if feeling the traumas clears them what chemical component or reaction happens in the primary cell that dissolves them?
    Thank you!
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