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New Trauma Therapy, real or bypass?

Hi, I came across this therapy and it seems too good! Antonia Harman seems to remove traumas in seconds through a state she has acquired and it seems she can also transmit this ability it in workshops,give inner peace.
I would like to know please if anyone can understand if what she does is real or a bypass?
Maybe someone who can look at the primary cell? There are tons of videos on youtube, but this is of a group healing but there's only her and this other one is of her students using the state she transmitted on each other to erase trauma.
Thank you!!


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    Hi Antonella
    She is interesting.  After a bit of searching I found these two pages that help to understand her techniques and where she is coming from:
    "Digital Pride – Guided Meditation and Instant Trauma Release - Divine Empowerment"

    "I learn magic through trances - Divine Empowerment"
    Best wishes
  • Still not getting how she does it although it seems a bypass...In the meantime I've read about another therapy very very similar to WHH in the processing that doesn't seem like a bypass at all, it's called the Wonder Method  Although there's much more the basics are: you feel open, you feel the feelings until you feel a shift, then you feel what's there, you feel love for the issue or the feelings, you feel how this makes you feel, you do the same with gratitude for the feelings or issue, then you "wonder what it might be about..." (not a misprint that's the wording) for instance feeling happy or free of the issue now, then if you feel more feelings from that issue you go back to it. It feels great but it doesn't seem to make you regress by itself automatically 
  • This sounds more similar to Gendlin's Focusing technique.
  • I am not aware of this technique. In your opinion or experience from what you hear does wonder or gendlin clear trauma?  It seems less painful than whh. What about Antonia's technique? Thank you.
  • Antonella, I don't know.
    I would have to try them, first. But what's more interesting is to look at what it does in the primary cell. That's our standard.

    There are hundreds of way of healing traumas, bypassing them, or "feel better". Many are easier than WHH, for sure. We actually recommend EFT to the general public before WHH.

    However, as a research institute, we are not interested in the above really. Healing traumas is a tool for us, not a goal. The goal is to find fundamental ways to change humanity and restoring peak states. With that in mind, not all trauma healing techniques are appropriate for this work.

    So, when chosing a technique, you should look at what the creator of the technique says you can achieve. What's the end goal?
    For us, it is peak states. Almost nobody else works on this level. And for those who do, they generally work toward one state only, since that's all they know.

    So what are you looking for, as an end goal?
  • Make humanity be the best we can be, whatever the technique, known or unknown
  • Ok, so who has accomplished that, and what thechnique do they use?
  • For now the answer is obvious, the Institute of course but I don't have the resources at the moment to take the courses and help however I can. Aside from this I am a big believer in research and trying different approaches together, sometimes one technique is not the answer for everything as most of you know of course
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