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Past life memories

More memories from the past life recall state. Hope you find the information interesting.

This is a speech given to an Egyptian Pharaoh from a member of the court:

I am your servant.
By the sun god Ra, I honour your kingship.
We shall meet in heaven.
All things will pass.

This is a plea made to Alexander the Great by a female member of the family of Darius the third, at Babylon. It was a scene in Oliver Stone's movie Alexander. There was a translator.

Great Alexander,
Rightful heir to the Persian Empire.
Successor to the Kings of Babylon.
Spare me.
I prostate myself before your mercy.

To which Alexander replied:

You are spared. Take her away!

This is the oath of allegiance made by a Roman emperor, probably in the later stages of the Roman empire:

I pledge allegiance to the Roman Imperium.
To the Senate, people, and public officials of Rome.
To accept command, and to start giving command.
For Roman destiny!

Which was followed by Hail Caesar! Hail Caesar! etc.

This is a speech Joan or Arc gave to a group of nobles and officers, probably at Orleans:

Men of God.
I am a peasant woman. But God spoke to me.
He told me to drive out the English.
He told me to speak to the King.
He insisted.
He said you would follow me.
And how you have followed me!
Today we will regain our honour.
For almighty God!
We will have glory!
Send them back!

She was a very pursuasive woman, and very devout. She was very shy around noblemen (at least when she wasn't giving speeches, etc.)

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