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Beauty Way Process

Hello everyone :) After reading Dr. McFetridge's books and the institute's literature, I'm really curious to why there isn't a Beauty Way process available to clients? This particular state seems to be one of the main driving forces and personal inspiration behind Dr. McFetridge's lifelong quest into understanding the true nature of consciousness, exceptional human experience, holistic trauma healing and what not. It seems to me that Dr. McFetridge and his fellow colleagues throughout the years have amassed a great deal of research findings and trauma healing techniques not to mention giving themselves, students, and clientele a multitude of different peak states but as far as I know no Beauty Way process is available. Based on the description and characteristics of this particular state of being, I would assume it would be very popular for most people especially the "seeking enlightenment" crowd although it doesn't sound like actual "enlightenment" or far from it. I know several people who spent tens of thousands of dollars on seminars and workshops seeking states like this, it sounds like the institute can actually give what some of these people are looking for and to me that's pretty phenomenal not to mention extremely valuable in my opinion. 

Kyle :)


  • Unfortunately there is still no Beauty Way process available.
    At some point the research team developped an experimental process for it, but few people were getting the state and even fewer were able to have the state stable and permanent.
    So it's still in research.
    The Beauty way state is far from a regular peak state as you seems to have noticed :).
    It involve a lot of things and biology wise there is still specific elements of it to be understood and to develop a proper process for it.
  • Hi Kyle, thanks for getting in touch. You are correct, that the search for how to reliably get people into a stable beauty way state is a main driver all these years in the Institute, As Julien indicated, it has remained elusive.  We do however have a very reliable and stable process for getting people into Inner Peace which is a component of Beauty Way. Inner Peace puts you in the present moment, so your past becomes emotionally neutral. It's the best we have right now, while research continues on how to finally figure out the remaining pieces to to stable Beauty Way process.
  • Yeah, the Beauty Way is definetely one of the core purpose of the Institute and Grant McFetridge has been searching for over 30 years how to get people in that state. It is incredibly hard!

    He is not the first one who has tried, it has been thousands of years that different spiritual/shamanic groups have been working on this, unfortunately as of today you can witness that we are not living in a Beauty Way world at all...

    So, will the institute succeed?

    In my opinion no one has ever been so close to figuring it out. As you can see reading Grant's books, there is a very solid model - and the books are outdated now - and we are successfull in a lot of areas. However, nothing's guaranteed. We keep working our butts off!
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