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Viral infections that linger...

“By continuing the treatment, all their COVID-19 symptoms vanished, and in fact when they were finished the test treatment they all reported they lost subclinical residual COVID-19 symptoms that they had not even been aware of until they went away. The implications of this observation is disturbing - it suggests that people do not get natural immunity to coronavirus as we have all been assuming, but instead it goes into remission and stays in the body. “

Wow! Ok, here’s a situation. In addition to a few active viruses, I’ve been tested and I have multiple (at least 6) viral infections that have gone into remission, but never gone away. I’m gathering that this is not normal.  Could PS see it gone? I know that a few viral diseases are known to do this, but what about every viral disease? If it happens, is there something wrong with the immune system that PS can figure out, and if so, what?

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