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Viral infections that linger

From the COVID-19 page: “By continuing the treatment, all their COVID-19 symptoms vanished, and in fact when they were finished the test treatment they all reported they lost subclinical residual COVID-19 symptoms that they had not even been aware of until they went away. The implications of this observation is disturbing - it suggests that people do not get natural immunity to coronavirus as we have all been assuming, but instead it goes into remission and stays in the body. “

Interesting!  Ok, here’s a situation. In addition to a few active viruses, I’ve been tested and I have multiple (at least 6) viral infections that have gone into remission, but never gone away. I’m gathering that this is not normal.  Could PS see it gone? I know that a few viral diseases are known to do this, but what about every viral disease? If it happens, is there something wrong with the immune system that PS can figure out, and if so, what?


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    Hello David,

    Yes, the institute is currently in a frenetic activity around this topic as, last year, we developped a new approach for psycho-immunology that seems extremely efficient.

    It looks like we discovered the epigenetic mechanism through which pathogens infect us. They emits chemicals that tricks us into believing they are good for us. These chemicals are very close to compounds that we used during pre-birth developmental events.

    It seems efficient to both make someone immune to future infection, as well as eliminating lingering parasites we are hosting. So, cure & prevention !

    However, is it not as easy and straightforward as, often, there are secondary mechanisms that locks this one in place. For example, with covid, we discovered that the virus does not come on its own, but comes with ameobas and bacterias. Thus, we need to create an approach that works for the whole lot.

    We did a first test on covid last year which was amazing, as severe post-covid symptoms were going away quickly. A woman was below 50% of respiratory capacity (at 30%, you are hospitalized with chances to die) so that was concerning ! After just 1h30 of the treatment though, she got back to 100% ! Amazing. But not stable for the reason above.

    So, we keep doing research on covid.

    In the meantime, there is another virus that we apparently have a solution for (checking for long-term stability now and ease of doing the process). Same thing with other types of pathogen.

    So, it looks like 2021 is going to be a fantastic year for psycho-immunology !
  • Interesting! 

    "It seems efficient to both make someone immune to future infection, as well as eliminating lingering parasites we are hosting. So, cure & prevention !"  That sounds wonderful!  Hope it arrives soon.
  • So from the article, I assumed that there was evidence that Pasteur was correct, and Bechamp incorrect, about the origin of disease--is that so?
  • David,
    Hmmm, not sure exactly, but we might prove a lot of preconceived ideas to be false in the end.

    There is an update about Covid : the research team now believe they have a totally efficient treatment, after getting complete results with 2 people. That means the virus and other pathogens are out of their systems.

    They are now testing for long-term stability and are looking for new volunteers with acute covid or post-covid symptoms :

  • I renew my availability for immunity testing since I gather from the model that thre treatment does not only cure Covid and post Covid, but also works as a way to get immunity? Correct me if I'm wrong. Thank you
  • Thanks Antonella,
    However, how do you test for immunity ?
    There is no way to know. So for now, since the treatment is still in testing, we only run it on people who had Covid for sure, so we can establish efficiency.
    We'll see later how to pass this process to people.
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    I understand, but the state we are all in right now though, a treatment that works even if not completely tested for effectiveness is much better than no treatment at all. It can be updated with time of course, but if it even protects and lessens the infection it's an understatement to say that it's much better than nothing at all
  • Sure, but we need to know the remedy isn't worst than the disease :-)
    So safety testing is very important for us.
    I'm sure the team will release the process publicly in the fastest yet safest manner.
  • I really hope they will soon, even a yet not extensively tested process is better than this disease and these "vaccines" if you can call them that... One thing I don't understand from the Covid page: how is it possible that it seems that only two cases have undergone the treatment since November? There must have been more people than that with Covid interested in the treatment, I for one have shared the heck out of the page
  • Like my colleague is saying, safety testing is very important to us.
    Because releasing a process that would not have bee tested properly for safety, could have irreversible effects on people, even in the worst case scenario a deadly one.

    Yes, we need people with acute Covid symptoms and if possible with a test result being positive to Covid. 
    Thank you for sharing it.
  • Very few people actually have severe symptoms from covid... of which the proportion who knows about the institute is very very few... of which people who actually take action and trust us is even fewer...

    So yes, only a handful of people have volunteered so far.
  • Actually a psychologist friend of mine sent it to a few people he knew they could be interested in this approach, but unfortunately their situation got worse very quickly it often happens in covid they went in intensive care before they could do anything about it. His words not mine.
  • Yes, the new process we have takes apparently 2 to 4 hours to complete for a complete relief. That's fast ! But people are to busy to seek help. Honestly, I don't blame them, as if I hadn't studied peak states work and psychobiology for some time, I wouldn't have the faintest hope this could work so well.
    But in the future, let's hope such treatments will become available for all humans !
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