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Hello, I was rereading about talking with the dead/mediumship and how it appears from your experiences that it can be done only for a short while after someone dies. Please correct me if I'm wrong.
My experience is diametrically opposite: I used to have a medium friend, extermely good, seeing and talking ot spirits as if they were physical in front of him, and after the death of a friend of mine he kept repeating to me that he couldn't contact her for a while after her death because there needed to be an adjustment time. I finally talked to my dead friend through him but it took more than 6 months. A few years ago I talked through him also to my grandad who died in 1988 and from the details and sense of humor he was definitely getting messages from them.
Maybe there are consciousness components  that live cohesively after death without getting lost like our soul?
Thank you


  • There is a speaking to the dead peak ability.
    Additionally, they have to want to speak to you. It is on their terms. So that might explain some of the delays.

  • yes, but it says in Silcence the Voices that the consciousness of dead people seems to be able to communicate generally for a short time, this doesn't explain talking ot people dead for 25 years like my granddad or even longer which was often the case for this medium friend of mine. I am just wondering whether there is a consciousness blueprint/energy/soul that survives after death and can communicate for decades or more as it seems to be the case? 
  • That is a different phenomena. There is a peak ability for communicating with the "soul" long after death. This can communicate with the "soul" well after this "short time" after death the book is referring to, which I suspect is a transition period of some kind. I am not sure how communication is achieved for this "short time."  You can use the peak ability I am referring to to communicate with people (or other species) that died thousands of years ago. I have done this extensively- the "soul," some part of your identity, survives death. They seem to be totally aware of what is happening here. I have spoken to deceased relatives, other deceased humans, deceased family pets, a deceased killer whale, a deceased squid, a deceased sperm whale, a deceased grey alien (not joking), a deceased Tyrannosaurus Rex, and others.

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