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Do you have a way to clear toxicity in the primary cell or in the body in general? (I guess aside from associational trauma leading to wanting the toxicity)

Thank you


  • Toxicity in the primary cell can be caused by many  things.
    It can be due to the Borg toxins, overgrowth of bacterias, heavy metals, etc.
    We have processes for several of those issues available to advanced therapist, clinic staffs.
    So no process are publicly available to the public.

    So wroking with a therapist could be useful to diagnose what is the issue in the first place causing the toxicity and if there is any toxicity.
  • Julien, that is great! 

    I'm assuming that if heavy metals in the primary cell are gotten rid of, the rest of the body will follow? 

    Also, do you have any insight as to why so many PS processes are not mentioned/ "hidden" from the PS websites? 
  • Than you Julien. I don't know at the primary cell level, but physically my toxicity and issues has been caused by a diet a couple of years ago, a keto carnivore diet after being pescatarian for years and some supplements I was using to lose weight. Is there a process that can be done to get rid of this? Thank you
  • David : Yes, if the PC is rid of toxins, the rest of the body follows quickly.
    These processes are not conclusive, easy to do, or have potential risks, or are just plainly inefficient so they are not released to the public. We have some projects on immunology that should go out this year though.

    Antonella : which toxins are you talking about specifically ?
    Some toxins are generated by bad bacterias and fungus in the gut. Currently, we don't have solutions for this, but diet, supplements and other protocols can re-balance gut flora.
    Heavy metals can be the problem, however we don't have a good fix for them yet. You can find chelation protocols in functional medicine, but this can have severe side-effects.
    In any case, have you looked into chlorella, green clay, or active charcoal ? They are great at detoxifying the gut.

    In all cases, we must understand and identify the cause of the problem before prescribing the solution. Managing symptoms and eliminating the underlying cause are two different things. But biology is so complex, it takes us years to move forward on any given topic.
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    I have done all the charcoal etc, but when I had my scan I was told I had toxicity but nothing further was said. Health wise I have issues with gallstones and kidney stones and obesity that's hard to shake off (one of the reasons I know I would be one with severe covid and why I am so keen on having even an experimental treatment from the Institute, I signed the forms back in July relieving of any responsibility and I have even emailed on and off since then every 15 days or so). These stones have come after a carnovore keto diet in 2019 after years of being pescatarian. I have done trauma work, I have experimented on myself different things, traumas, (associational, biographical and generational) and herbs and diet and rife frequencies and diet and water fasting the list goes on and on and on  etc but at most I've found temporary relief...Dealing with the toxins and the reasons or going back to the origins of the organs in the body brain and dealing with the reasons the diet affected me this way when it doesn't happen to others may be the key, and however experimental I am up for trying after I have exhausted all other possibilities aside from surgery that right now would be the same thing as a death or disability sentence with all this going on
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