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Disclaimer: I don't understand much about genetics so I may have the wrong end of the stick here, and I am thinking out loud.
From the little I know it seems that some illnesses are turned on by damaged epigenetic markers, methyl or histones and the proteins are not released and this is where trauma healing comes in and the proteins are able to be produced an released.
Other illnesses instead seem to be the product of a lack of regulation of genes that don't have the coating needed and so are turned on instead of being turned off. Does trauma healing work on this as well directly creating the coating,(or clearing the way for other proteins to create histon coatings for these genes) or indirectly with some other process needed, or Gaia commands etc? Thank you


  • Good question.
    That would be a question to ask to Dr Céline Guérin at the symposium this weekend !
    However, from our model, epigenetics does not explain everything, as our biology is messed up by parasites who manipulate the primary cell anyway. Epigenetic is not the deepest layer, it is an intermediary mechanism.
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