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Life Choices/Intuition

Hi there,

Whilst i'm aware of the life path state, its beyond the reach of most people and also it requires a lot of work/healing to stay on the path.

My question is this, are there any ways in which we can see if a choice is good or bad for us , for those of us in average states. Like can we enhance our connection to the part of us which knows best? Are there sure fire ways to tap into our intuition?

When faced with a difficult choice, can we use a simple technique to know which the best choice is?

Interested in your thoughts anybody.


  • Follow jour joy and/or euphoria
    That's how you know it's optimal for you.

    If you are not calm, peaceful and light when thinking about something then it can be difficult to know what's best for you.
    So doing trauma healing on this would be a good idea :)

  • Forgot which book it is in, but if you think of the option and there is some kind of internal brightening, then this is the choice n your life path.
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