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Covid Variant 35% death rate What are you wating for to release whatever treatment you have?

What are you wating for to release whatever treatment you have? Are you waiting for this when it's too late for everyone?

The next Covid variant could kill up to one in THREE people: SAGE warns doomsday scenario is 'realistic possibility' and UK's vaccine roll-out may even speed up mutant strain's emergence

  • SAGE today warns  a future Covid mutant strain could be as deadly as MERS 
  • No10's expert panel say coronavirus mutates most when it is in high prevalence 
  • Group warns strains could become more resistant to vaccines and antivirals


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    It seems finally a partial treatment has been released! Thank you! May I ask though why the Institute didn't decide to release it as a video as you said you would in both conferences so that it may reach more people as possible given the severity of the pandemic? Thank you
  • Do you have a date when the treatment will be released to the therapists? On the page it says released from the 2nd of August but to date, 15th, no therapist is trained to do it
    Thank you
  • I would interpret these official statements with a lot of skepticism. There is a ABSOLUTELY MASSIVE PROPAGANDA CAMPAIGN going on in the world at the moment. I am not taking the vaccine and I advise anyone else not take it either. This is not medical advice, but WESTERN GOVERNMENTS ARE EXCEPTIONALLY CORRUPT. I have noticed elements of mass hysteria surrounding this issue in people I know, they are being deliberately manipulated by classic propaganda techniques (note the ubiquitous and repetitive "fact check" terminology on the internet for anything questioning the official narrative, the hysterical abuse of "conspiracy theorists,'' and the deliberate creation of fear). The virus was patented by US pharmaceutical companies many years ago.  It is readily treatable with existing medications that are generally not being used. Doctors have lost their jobs for doing so. It less lethal than the flu for anyone under 70. I have never in my life heard of "asymptomatic transmission," and I come from a family with both parents doctors, a grandparent doctor, nurse relatives, and many family friends doctors and nurses. It is a made up term. It is BS. Quarantine only applies to people with symptoms, and people self- quarantine when they are unwell. The vaccines are very controversial. Just make sure you have not been influenced by propaganda.

  • I agree with a lot, but it makes a lot of sense that it will mutate faster with vaccinations, they are even admitting it!! No, it's not "less lethal than the flu", a lot, a lot of people under 70 even without any other issues have died in Italy and around the world, and a ton of those who survived have major long term issues even previously heatlhy and active 20 year olds. It's appalling! 

    Yes the virus has been released, and the people who released it want depopulation, and something like this coupled with the vaccines make it mutate faster and drive it to survive even becoming much more deadly. If you have any epidemologist in your family ask them, they teach this evolutionary/survival drive in viruses and bacteria in the first year......

    This said, again, I would like to know when this treatment will be Really released to therapists or any other way, we really really need it asap and it's not released despite what the page says

    thank you

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    Hi everyone,
    The covid process we have is now released to a few therapists who are finishing the training. I guess it will be updated on the website quite soon.
    The process is by no mean a treatment and thought we always operate on a pay-for-results basis, their is no guarantee that doing the process effectively protects against covid. In particular, we know it does not work for severe forms including hypoxia. 

    To repeat, the process is nor a cure nor an immunization and shouldn't be considered as such.

    However, in 85% of tested cases, symptoms that appeared due to covid decreased. The process is short and easy to do, and has passed our safety testing, so we recommend doing it. We only do it on people who have symptoms.

    We also and strongly recommend doing the vaccines. Pfizer and Moderna seem great options. This is the official line.

    Stay safe.
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    Thank you Gaetan, I hope to be able to do it soon anyway, although it doesn't work for hypoxia, I personally believe a mix of the process and ivermectin and cortisone in case of covid would work synergistically.
    I have known of way too many people die and have severe reactions to the vaccine to even remotely consider it, some I have known personally. They span all ages, a lot of them healthy but the cause are always always the same and sudden, no warning. I do not like to play russian roulette with an experimental serum that aside from spike proteins seems to have hiv sequences, deactivated anthrax sequences and graphene oxide

    Do you know why the treatment doesn't provide immunity please? I find this extrememly baffling.
    The way it was explained in the video in the coference the lack of the "sac" was a marker for immunity. What has changed since then please, and what seems to be the issue, if any, preventing immunity in general?

    Hypoxia has several trauma issues asociated. I want to help as I can, I sent a pic of the hypoxia page of the book metaphysical anatomy to Shayne and Grant, and also a testimonial of an elderly guy early in the pandemic who came out of hypoxia using only simple EFT. Maybe there is something there that can help find out the issue, whether it's another pathogen, trauma, birth trauma, toxicity or something else altogether.
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    Even though the way most of you have behaved with me is abysmal to say the least, there is an ocean of a difference between people and the research, and that's what's important, humanity, not pettiness that's been shown to me
    This is why I feel compelled to share this, an Italian article you can translate with google or deepl, basically an enzyme that is similar to rattlesnake venom is driving the worst covid cases. I know you said in the fluid approach is obsolete but maybe it can help
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