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Where is the youtube Covid treatment video promised in the Conferences?

Where is the youtube Covid treatment video promised in the Conferences this year and last year? 
At this point a non stable treatment that works 85% of the time, (I suppose it's safe enough since it's been released to therapists, it's your policy) has been created.
Why is there no video available as stated there would definitely be? After all it's more urgent than Inner Peace process video (which had 30% efficacy)

Thank you


  • Hi Antonella,

    Maybe this one?
    Or, check the FB page:

    Have a great day! :)
  • No, definitely not those ones, those are the conference videos, in both conferences, a youtube video of the TREATMENT was promised, at the first conference aright the treatment wasn't up to specs, this time it seems it works in 85% of the cases and it has for a few months now and it would be time that a video to share far and wide would be long overdue, instead of leaving the treatment to a few therapist with limited time and reach as well
  • We haven't yet solved the hypoxia problem. Thank goodness there are now vaccines available! 
  • I was reading several research articles that stated that some severe Covid patients on ventilators or oxygen may have co-infections in their lungs such as fungal, viral or bacterial infections. Study rates varied from 7-50%. Would that make a difference in treatment protocols? I imagine it would complicate things not knowing the co-infection type. I don't think many hospitals are testing for this. There are links to more studies at the bottom of the page. 
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