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What's the role of VOID states?


From the books and website descriptions I found that having a void state could be a great addition to states - in general. 

But still I think I am missing some points.

What what's the good outcome with the void connection?
Or in other words, what are the benefits from having that state? 

There are some tips in the Vol. 2 to how to access Void, but I'm wondering, is it really helpful to stay in this state or it's something that people may have in general but they don't really feel it, cause it's "here" anyway?


  • Hi Krystian,
    The Void is a thing that I haven't heard being discussed at all in the last few years in research, mostly if at all. 
    So, I guess there aren't a lot of people who can comment on it, only Grant I guess. I hope he will!

  • I was told that the state is not really useful, because the changes we can get from it are not permanent/stable. For example using the Void state to heal something, will be temporary.
    I had the direct experience myself with a colleague of those non-permanent results.

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