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What process has impacted you the most?

I'm planning on getting as many as I can, if of course it is needed, but I am curious which one, has helped you or benefited you the most? 


  • If you're thinking about doing Peak State Processes I'd say start with asking yourself question - what's not working for me, and then decide with which to start.
    Speaking from my own experience, before doing the training I thought "Oh! I'll do a Silent Mind or Inner Peace, and my issues will be gone!" - which happened - didn't work! 
    Besides processes like Silent Mind (which I recommend to everybody) that is actually giving you immunity to specific kind of pathogen that's responsible for voices, tribal block, and much more, therapy sessions can do a lot for you. There are some problems that processes won't do for you. 

    But if you want to start with processes - Silent Mind :)
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