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Highly sensitive and taking things to heart too easily

So my title sums up pretty much what I'd like to know more of, I don't really have any psysical pains, sometimes a bit of a headache but nothing overwhelmning, sometimes I just keep reflecting on minor things with encounters I've had with other people, if it is a minor issue, it's never really that big of a deal, but if someone for instance interrupt me, I can loop on that for weeks, and get bitter and mad, and feel like a victim, and I also have these inner dialogues that this is bs, but at the same time I am really affected by it, this was just an example it could be someone cutting off in line, stuff like that which is pretty rude, but there are worse that could happen? Do I need a process for this?


  • Hi Troels,
    Well that sounds like pretty standard trauma :-)
    Meaning, you could probably get free from this with simple trauma healing. Releasing the emotional charge of the situation will probably get you free from any discomfort in such a situation, and sometimes these types of situations don't even show up much, or they don't bother us when we are trauma free.

    So, if you know how to use these tools yourself, I'm thinking about : simple tapping, body association, cords (DPR), or maybe projection would me my guesses on what's going to be efficient. But you might see that with your therapist too for maximum efficiency.

    Hope that helps ! I've been there too. Life is so much better when you are trauma-free.
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