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I think I might suffer from this problem since I tend to require a lot of attention in general, and I just read about it in the manual handbook, and this odd thing of sabotaging/ruining an organization I think I am guilty of that, is there a process or is it trauma therapy simply just needed for dealing with this? And in general co-dependency, being leechy and needing others, I have this problem as well, it has gotten since I got my Column of self fixed.


  • We don't have yet a released process to get immunes against the s-hole issue.
    S-holes can be addressed in trauma therapy, we will choose with you a trigger moment in your life and diagnose from there which symptoms are present.
    S-holes will probably be presents in our diagnosis. So they can be addressed as part of the trauma therapy contract.
    I hope this helps.
  • @Julien Roux
    So unless I misintrepeted your reply, you are saying these s-holes are curable, but in a form of a peakstate process, but it's like a trauma technique?
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    Sorry if my answer wasn't very clear.

    The whole S-hole issue is due to a pathogen (my colleague Jola did a presentation on S-holes at last year Symposium), so in the future we hope to have a process to  make people immune against it and making them S-holes free.

    We can heal individual S-hole one by one with a trauma healing technique. Only certified therapist are allowed to use this technique with client.
    People usually have many S-holes and some get triggered in a situation or show up as part of the client's issue.

  • Allright from what I hear, you are saying it's an active process where the client ( me ) needs to put in a lot of work and be very conscious while adressing this, unlike the Silent Mind, where you just lay back. Can you tell if the clients in fact do have this problem, or if it is something else, by I suppose looking at the primary cell? 
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    Generally trauma therapy healing is done with a certified trauma therapist who will guides the client through the uses of some trauma healing techniques to help the client heal the issue he is currently facing.
    You don't need to heal every S-holes you have but especially the ones that are active and at the source of your current issue.

    Any certified trauma therapist can tell/diagnose if a client has S-holes and if they are contributing or at the origin of the client's issue. Just by listening to what the client is saying we can diagnose S-holes using keywords. 

    We also use a diagnosis technique with our clients to help them find and locate their own S-holes in their body.
    And the good news is that you don't need a special ability to do this.
  • Right thanks Julien, yeah I need to adresse this for sure, a lot of male relatives in my family has this same problem, and I am very certain that my parents relationship had this same dynamic to some degree, as well as my maternal grandfather, It's funny because I remember as a kid I would fall in love with so many girls, which now I am pretty sure meant that I had this issue of s-hole, co-dependency trait going on. Right now I am scheduled for the Inner Peace process here in june, do you think that perhaps it would benefit me even more to get the S-holes adressed first, or does it not really matter at the end, my whole idea was that I knew I was a bit messed up, so just getting a bunch of therapy and processes would eleviate some of it haha. @Julien Roux

  • I wished that everyone had the Silent Mind process and Inner Peace done, because it increase your overall quality of life. It's a good healing start when you are entering the self-development field.

    But it's also important to address first what's the main issue in your life, or the current most important one to heal.

    I suffered for so many years from S-holes. I was so emotionally dependent with people, intensively extrovert, obnoxious and I was also suffering so much emotionally from those S-holes who were getting triggered in my day to day life.

    When you don't get what you want, consciously or unconsciously (affection, love, physical touch, attention, etc.) you can really experience emotional suffering, such as feeling rejected, abandoned, alone, unworthy, upset, etc.), these S-holes can trigger a lot of emotional suffering = triggering various traumas.

  • So my question is what has been most beneficial to you, getting rid of these S-holes, or getting Inner Peace/Silent Mind? I assume you no longer suffer from S-holes
  • All of them helped, but for me the most positively impactful from those 3 was from the healing of S-holes :)
  • Insane it should probably have been the one I should have gotten at first haha, but like getting a bunch of processes can not do more damage anyways
    When I was a baby my parents told me I'd be screaming insanely loud, but as soon as they consolled me it would stop within seconds, so I'd guess it was due to these S-holes I'd behave in such way. 
    So there are a lot of S-holes, but only the ones who really has a profound significance should be adressed, how did you feel when you got rid of the biggest S-hole, ecstactic?
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