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Evil holes

My therapist has suspected me for having this condition, I am merely curious if somebody know what's the cause of it, like how biologically vice, does it help one having these evil holes?


  • edited May 2023
    Hi Troels,
         If you have this problem, you really notice it - but not because you feel it in yourself. The presenting symptom is that someone else gives off an evil feeling. Even if one has this problem, most people can just ignore the person and move on - unless of course the other person who feels evil is a family member or colleague at work. Note that there are other problems that can give a similar sensation, so differential diagnosis is important so you use the right technique to fix it. For example, a similar sensation can be from a projection, or even just a trauma. 
         We don't see this problem very often in clients; fortunately, the diagnosis and fix are both simple and fast. For more in-depth written information on cause, differential diagnosis, and treatment see Subcellular Psychobiology page 190-191. 

         I'll give a case example of this problem that I did some years ago. I was visiting some dear friends, who have the distinction of being one of the most happily loving couple I know. The wife took me aside one day, and told me that suddenly, her dear husband felt really negative to her, and it was causing her to not want to get physically close. She was baffled, because she still adored him. And he was having the same issue.
         Fortunately, the test is simple. I had her put her attention on her husband, and asked her to see if he felt awful all over, or in one particular place on his body. To her surprise, she realized the bad feeling was just coming from one of his fingers. Once she identified the location in him, I had her look at the exact same location on her body, to see if she had the same feeling coming from her own hand. Again to her surprise, she realized her own hand had the same awful sensation. I had the husband do the same test, and he was also surprised that his own hand had the same bad feeling he's been noticing in his wife. Treatment only took a few minutes for both of them, and they were back to being the happy couple they had been for decades.
         Notice that both could not feel the problem in themselves until guided to where it was in their own body, by finding where it was in the other person. Tricky, eh? 

         This rare symptom occurs when you have three simultaneous problems:
    1) the person must be infected by a fungal pathogen that is unfortunately quite common in humans (we call this fungus the 'pinecone' due to its appearance).
    2) the fungus has to be damaged in a particular way to cause it to have an e-hole, which fortunately is relatively rare. 
    3) they have to interact with someone else who has exactly the same problem in the same location (this problem shows up in their body even though in reality it is a problem in a pathogen in the nuclear core). Condition #3 is the one that really keeps this problem from showing up very often, as this level of coincidence is pretty uncommon. 
         All my best,
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