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Person I can't shake off mentally

So it's been a while since I ended a very dysfunctional friendship I had, but the guy even a year after still bothers me to this day, so far I've done the Courteau Projection 3 times now with different therapists, yet this person still affects, I feel it in my chin and my throat, as well as my lower belly? Anyone knows a better technique than the Courteau Projection, yes there is an element of projection with this guy, but since I have done it three times it is still not working very well, is Inner Unity better to truly resolve a conflict with a guy?


  • Hi Troels,
    Have you tried the body association technique (on every emotional tone coming from this guy) ? That should help.
  • Do the DPR technique on this man and emotion you feel coming from him, even if you have done SMT.
    Do you feel the presence of this man near you/in the room?
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